The Best Financial Advisors in Dallas

Here is our List of the 10 Dallas Financial Advisor
Butler Consultants

Butler Consultants offers top-quality business plans, but it’s our financial projections that give us a huge advantage over the competition. Each financial projectionsl is custom-built in Excel by Butler Consultants’ founder and owner, Brian Butler.


  • We do the work – saving you Time and Money while getting your plan done right.
  • Our team has the Experience you need to take the next step.
  • Honest and Ethical team to point your company in the right direction.
  • Get Funded by working with a leading business plan consulting firm.
  • We only create Quality business plans customized to your business.
  • We have Proven Results with Stellar Customer Feedback.
  • We have a strict Confidentiality Agreement to give you peace of mind.
555 Republic Dr Plano
LGT Financial Advisors.

Trusted, client-focused financial planning services.

As trusted advisors, our goal is to support your overall well-being and peace of mind through consistent investment management and comprehensive financial planning built on trust, confidence, and experience, while ensuring your lifetime endeavors are uninterrupted by monetary strain, all while financial goals are met.

LGT Financial Advisors work closely with you to create, implement, and then monitor a plan that works towards helping you achieve your primary financial goals.

As your life changes, so do your financial needs. We will work with you one-on-one to develop an overall financial planning program, including such milestones as estate planning, investment planning, employee benefits, and retirement and income tax planning. In addition, LGT Financial Advisors offers clients a robust software planning and maintenance tool, designed to be a one-point portal to pull all of your diverse financial strategies and documents into one comprehensive, password-protected application. You can now manage your future virtually, all in one program. We will be happy to demonstrate the many functions of the product for you.

2626 Howell Street, Suite 700 Dallas
Heritage Financial Planning


Founder and Principal Steve Blankenship, CFP® founded Heritage Financial Planning with the intent of bringing together the best elements from his formal education at Baylor University, his real-world experience, and the lessons learned from working with some of the most respected Financial Advisors in the country. Today, the company has expanded to include a wonderful team of dedicated financial consultants.

When you choose Heritage Financial Planning, you can be assured that our team of advisors has an incredibly rich experience to draw upon for your financial well being. Each fiduciary on our team has an incredible blend of financial experience and technical expertise that gives clients peace of mind concerning their finances. Several of our advisors are members of the FPA, and Steve is a Registered Financial Advisor of NAPFA (, which has some of the highest education, training, and ethical requirements of any other financial industry association.


Most financial advisory firms are Fee-Based (as opposed to Fee-Only), which means they earn both fees and commissions. Other firms are commission-based, which makes the firm more of a sales organization than a true consulting organization. Because Heritage Financial Planning is Fee-Only, we receive no third-party commissions. We work solely for our clients, empowering them to make the best financial decisions possible.


Our financial advisors are members of numerous professional organizations including the Financial Planning Association, which is the largest professional association of financial planning professionals, and The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), which is a nationwide network of Fee-Only financial planners dedicated to providing unbiased financial advice and whose unique systems and network of support affords us instant access to the knowledge and experience of over a 1,200 like-minded financial advisors and allied industry professionals. Our clients benefit tremendously from this collective expertise and experience in all areas of financial planning and advice. Our advisors have built relationships with leading local Tax Accountants and Estate Planning attorneys that provide the resources to enable him to deliver coordinated full-service financial planning services.

10440 North Central Expressway Suite 1120 Dallas
Lee Financial

Lee Financial is an independent wealth management firm based in Dallas, Texas. Lee Financial provides financial advisory services including financial planning, investment management and human capital development to high net worth individuals and families nationwide. Lee Financial strives to be a trusted resource for personal, family and business needs.

Our Core Purpose and Values

Lee Financial is a wealth management firm committed to our clients’ security, success, and fulfillment. Our WholeVision™ process integrates financial planning, investment management and Human Capital consulting.

Core Purpose

To provide exceptional service that results in our clients’ personal and financial security, success and fulfillment. Our goal is to be our clients’ most trusted advisor and ultimate resource for their personal, family and business needs.

Core Values

  • Character: Honesty. Integrity. Innovative.
  • Commitment: Results. Relevancy. Adaptive.
  • Community: Fun. Culture. Philanthropic.
8350 N. Central Expressway, Suite 1800 Dallas
Lifetime Wealth Management, P.C.

Lifetime Wealth Management, P.C. operates with a singular objective: to provide superior financial advice and to foster lasting relationships with our clients. Each relationship has specific goals and dreams and being a part of achieving both results in a true love for what we do.


Lifetime Wealth Management is backed by the combined rich experience of our experts, our team proudly serves a variety of clients who have amassed a minimum of $500K in investment assets, or who have a minimum net worth of $2M. From retirees, executives, and business owners to our family offices, we build long-term relationships with each client to help them achieve their long-term goals. We also offer consulting and financial planning options for those who are not yet at our minimums.

  • Successful Families
  • Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders
  • Sports Industry Professionals
  • High Net Worth Individuals


At Lifetime Wealth Management, building the framework for your financial legacy starts with building a relationship. We are more than just a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm, we take the time to truly learn about who our clients are and what drives them in their day-to-day life. By positioning ourselves as the point of contact for all your financial needs, we are able to provide comprehensive financial advice and services that withstand the test of time.

Mills Wealth Advisors

We are a comprehensive wealth and retirement planning firm dedicated to helping successful individuals reach their financial goals. We work to ensure that your finances are positioned to work for you during your working years, into retirement, and beyond. With the guidance of Mills Wealth Advisors, our clients are able to LIVE CONFIDENTLY.

We provide innovative solutions for people who lead busy lives with complex financial affairs. As an independent, multi-advisor firm, we have the flexibility and depth to provide custom financial advice that fits our clients’ specific needs. We are focused on providing our clients, a select group of individuals striving for success, with the confidence they need to act on their goals and dreams without fear or regret.

Our independence allows us to choose leading financial companies like Charles Schwab and Dimensional Funds. This structure provides us the tools and resources to compete with any large firm or private bank with few conflicts of interest or layers of bureaucracy.

At Mills Wealth Advisors, a registered investment advisor, we work in the best interest of our clients. We can provide you with a financial plan, advise you on specific issues, and manage your investments. We are committed to transparency and disclosure throughout the financial planning process. Our objective is to develop client relationships built on trust, communication, and shared values. If you are in need of a financial plan or require a second opinion on a specific issue, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you.

1207 S. White Chapel Blvd. Suite 150 Southlake
Paladini Financial

Most financial advisory firms are fee-based, as opposed to fee-only, which means their compensation consists of both fees and commissions. Other firms are commission-based, which leads to a product sales-based relationship rather than a true advisory service.

At PFM, we pride ourselves in serving our clients under a fee-for-service relationship. This structure allows us to sit on the same side of the table as our clients, objectively considering your financial options. We receive no third-party commissions, sales loads or back-end fees, which removes conflicts of interest that could potentially influence an advisor’s recommendations.

Who Are We?

Choosing the right financial advisor is a big decision. You need experience, skill and a genuine commitment to your success. We offer fee-only financial advisory services for business owners and high net worth individuals, with a specialization in dentistry and healthcare.

Company Philosophy

We offer highly customizable services spanning a complete range of financial planning needs. Our fee-only structure along with a genuine commitment to client success is pivotal to our long-lasting client relationships. Clients have confidence in the integrity of PFM recommendations, as they are not biased by commissions, fees, kickbacks or soft-dollar arrangements.

2015 E. Lamar Blvd. Suite 200
Perryman Financial Advisory

Is a Dallas-based financial planning and investment firm serving the needs of affluent individuals, their families, and their businesses. Our mission is to serve as a trusted advisor for our clients as they accumulate, preserve, and transfer their wealth.

Who We Are

It’s effortless for a company to make claims about the level of service they provide their clients. It is much more difficult to provide the level of service that clients tell others about. That’s how we have built Perryman Financial Advisory since 1983; almost exclusively through satisfied referrals. Our clients’ satisfaction is our measure for success. It’s also the only way we get new business.

Perryman Financial simplifies the burden of wealth management with all-inclusive fees and a comprehensive approach to stewardship. We have been in business since 1983 because we have a very low client turnover rate; in fact we have several multi-generational clients. Our character and integrity are at the forefront of everything we do. From the advice we give, to always doing what is advantageous to our clients, to our investment in the community. We build wealth, but we are passionate about building people and communities

12221 Merit Drive, Suite 1660 Dallas
Quest Capital Management

Everyone has their own quest. It can be as fulfilling as ensuring a lasting legacy for your family, as admirable as creating a foundation to help others in your community, or as adventurous as traveling distant lands.

Our quest is to further yours by managing your assets and every aspect of your financial life, today and in the future; by applying our high level of expertise, service and comprehensive planning to each of your goals.

In our view, the best way to move forward is to plan ahead – and our firm is dedicated to helping successful individuals such as you do exactly that.


No matter where you are in life, the financial goals you have today can, and most likely will, change as years pass. From creating wealth, to tax planning, to arranging for future generations to benefit from your diligence and hard work, you need someone who will work closely beside you to ensure proper goals are set, monitored, adjusted and ultimately met. We focus on creating a Plan for Life™ – a unique financial plan that is as comprehensive as it is detailed, as flexible as it is structured.


2. Assess
3. Implement
4. Manage

We begin our financial planning process by gathering in-depth information through carefully designed questions. By getting to know you personally, we find out what matters most to you, how you would like to use your wealth and what you expect from us as your financial advisors. Next, we use the information to help you define the financial goals that will be the focus for your financial plan. In preparing your plan, we can address not only your present and future needs, but those of future generations as well.

8117 Preston Road | Suite 700 Dallas
SFMG Wealth Advisors

SFMG Wealth Advisors is dedicated to helping you achieve financial confidence for life.


  • Passionately Protect Our Client’s Best Interest
  • Objectivity and Transparency
  • Provide Exceptional Client Service at All Times
  • Approach Decisions with Discipline and Analytical Rigor
  • Collaborative Culture
  • Encourage Innovation and Ongoing Improvement
  • Proactively Impact Our Community
  • Wealth Management with a Difference

SFMG Wealth Advisors (a Texas LLC) is a Dallas-based financial planning and wealth management group comprised of professional financial consultants with a variety of unique backgrounds and viewpoints. Founded in 1992, our team offers high-touch, personalized financial planning and wealth management for individuals and families. We approach each client relationship from a planning perspective. We see this as an ongoing, dynamic relationship rather than a one-time event.

An Experienced Team of Dallas Area Financial Consultants

With an expert team of Dallas financial advisors, SFMG acts as a catalyst to help our clients define their individual financial goals. Drawing upon our collective breadth of expertise, we deliver effective, personalized solutions and targeted investment strategies for clients in a variety of life stages.

Advice on a Fee-Only Basis

SFMG Wealth Advisors is an independent Registered Investment Advisor offering a fee-only compensation model. Rather than a broker system where the financial consultant receives a commission on every new investment or trade, you pay a fee based on the assets we manage and planning services provided. This ensures that our financial advisors’ only incentive is your wealth accumulation. Our clear mission is to deliver unbiased and independent financial advice through integrity and extraordinary personal service.

Investment Management Built Around You

Our research has revealed that various investments yield significantly different results given the market and economic cycle. By understanding these cycles, our financial consultant professionals are able to assist you in making more informed investment decisions. We combine our insights and internal analysis with leading institutional research to make tactical moves that manage risk based on your individual goals and life stage.

7800 Dallas Parkway, Suite 350 Plano

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