The Best Financial Advisors in Denver

Here is our List of the 10 Denver Financial Advisor
Transform Wealth

Working with the right financial advisor can help you protect your assets, build a legacy, and execute on your long-term financial plan. However, choosing the “right” financial advisor is not easy, and is one of the most important financial decision you can make.

Not all financial advisors are created equal. Advice from a fee-only fiduciary advisor is the only way to ensure that the advisor is putting your interests ahead of their own.

At Transform Wealth, we invest the time to understand your unique circumstances and needs. We provide a comprehensive, fiduciary oriented approach to formulating a customized financial plan and investment strategy tailored to your unique situation. Because our services are provided on a fee-only basis, and our advisors receive no commissions from any source, our investment strategies are 100% objective, impartial and always in our clients’ best interest.


  • Denver Wealth Management

Financial Advice Individually Tailored to Target Your Needs.

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning

Building the Foundation for Your Financial Success.

  • Investment Management

Managing Financial Risk, Achieving Your Success.

  • Generational & Estate Planning

Helping You Build a Legacy with Family Financial Planning

Plaza Tower 1 6400 S Fiddlers Green Circle Suite 1600 Greenwood Village, CO 80111
Wealth Legacy Institute

At Wealth Legacy Institute, we specialize in working with ‘accidental millionaires’ like you who are ready to experience the unique retirement you’ve envisioned: One that is happy, healthy, and fulfilling. We guide you through a structured financial planning and investment management process, to help you make decisions that support your vision. But our help doesn’t stop there. We care deeply about fostering long-term, collaborative client relationships, helping you throughout your retirement with unbiased advice.

We are a forward-thinking fee-only financial planning and investment management firm. We specialize in working with ‘accidental millionaires’- people who have worked hard, saved wisely and are approaching or entering retirement.

Planning for LIFE Experience Process

  • Discover
    Uncover your financial values, attitudes, and goals that will begin to shape your master plan.
  • Design
    We’ll create tailored strategies, tactics, and tools to match your financial planning goals.
  • Make Good
    Together, we set your plan in motion by implementing our recommendations.
  • Grow
    Measure and evaluate your progress towards your unique goals – in person, video chat, or phone.


  • Intelligent Financial Investing
  • Financial Education
  • Planning For Life Experience
Cherry Tower 950 S Cherry St #505 Denver, CO 80246
Janiczek Wealth Management

We are pioneers in the 100% Fiduciary (legally has to do what is in your best interest), 100% Fee-only (no sales of products or earning of commissions) movement that has, on behalf of individual investors, trusts and foundations, been transforming the investment and wealth management industry for decades.

Our Purpose & Values

Janiczek Wealth Management exists to help people flourish. We do that by zeroing into the best investment, wealth, retirement and business systems, methods, tools and technologies we can identify and elegantly organize them into a system and service clients can prosper with and enjoy in a fraction of the time otherwise required.

We are abundance-minded and collaborative, working together to grow and help stakeholders prosper, flourish and thrive. Our state-of-the-art facility, advanced-technologies, talented team, vibrant culture and perpetual 25-Year Vision (and related targets and plans) are meticulously designed to foster long-term relationships with wonderful clients and talented professionals who innately share our zest for living a successful and meaningful life.


  • Portfolio Management
  • Wealth Management
  • Retirement Planning
7001 E. Belleview Avenue Suite 600 Denver
Dechtman Wealth Management

We provide you with transparent and proactive communication through the wealth management services we offer in order to keep you informed on important topics.

At Dechtman Wealth Management, we believe a client’s portfolio must take into account where they are and where they want to go, as well as all of the unique circumstances that apply to their situation.

We’d enjoy the opportunity to meet you. Schedule a free financial consultation with our team to see how we can help you achieve financial freedom.


  • Financial Planning

We create a unique financial plan to identify risks you haven’t thought of, find ways to protect and build your wealth, minimize your taxes, and ensure you have proper estate planning.

  • Investment Management

Our experienced investment advisors will analyze all aspects of your current financial situation and customize your portfolio based on your individual priorities, risk tolerance, and life goals.

  • Social Security Analysis

Our state-of-the-art software takes out the guesswork and helps you chose the right benefits at the right time.

  • Medicare Planning

We provide you with the help you need to meet your health care costs. We shop the marketplace to find the best Medicare plan for your needs, at the lowest possible cost.

  • Tax Preparation

We help guide you through a full range of tax planning strategies which are designed to minimize your tax liabilities, maximize your cash flow, and keep you on track to reach your financial goals.

  • Estate Planning

Our Estate Planning services help protect the financial stability of you and your loved ones as well as minimize taxes, expenses, and legal hassle with transferring assets to heirs.

7807 E Peak view Ave #410 Centennial
Dodds Wealth Management Group

Dodds Wealth develops and implements financial strategies that build confidence now, and into the future. We focus on everything that’s important to you, not just your investments, helping you make smarter decisions about your money and your life.

Dodds Wealth Management Group is a team of specialists dedicated to helping you manage your wealth. We’re ready to help you and your family with your financial goals.

Dodds Wealth leverages a team-based approach that harnesses our collective knowledge. Our goal is to simplify investing for you, reducing your stress and anxiety around financial decisions. Together, we’ll get you where you want to be, helping you manage your finances so that you can enjoy what you love with the confidence that you deserve.

Dodds Wealth Management Group is a team of specialists dedicated to managing your wealth. We offer a variety of services, all of which are focused on your financial future. Whether you’re looking to invest, build wealth, or plan for your future, our financial advisors will work with you to take on your financial goals.


  • Financial Planning Services
  • Wealth & Investment Management
  • Estate Planning Services
  • Tax Efficient Investing Strategies
  • Annual Insurance Review
385 Inverness Parkway, Suite 105 Englewood, CO 80112
Gill Capital Partners

Gill Capital Partners is an independent wealth management firm providing customized solutions to grow and protect client assets. Our unique transparent and team-based approach builds strong client relationships while delivering an exceptional client experience.

We know that money is personal. And we know that most financial service companies say the same things. So what makes us believable? We believe it’s the fact that we are just like you.

We start with developing a custom financial plan…the foundation to ensuring each client is on track to achieve his/her/their goals. Once the plan has been created, we implement through eight different, yet intertwined, financial disciplines.


    Analyzing your asset allocation and recommending appropriate strategies
    Recommending the most advantageous tax strategy to protect your net worth
    Navigating saving options, including 529s, Education IRAs and more
    Determining a strategy based on your long-term goals
    Preparing your money for the family and your family for the money through proper planning
    Ensuring the right coverage using efficient vehicles to create and protect your estate
    Educating you about various donor strategies to make giving back easy and rewarding
    Overseeing the care and handling of daily accounting and budgeting
600 South Cherry Street Suite 800 Denver
Renaissance Wealth Management


Valuing sincere, trusted relationships, we partner with our clients for life. Experienced with purposeful financial acumen, we are tested by recessions and market volatility. Disciplined and informed, we ensure our clients’ best interests come first.

We strive to deliver thoughtful financial advice and investment management that’s in our clients’ best interests:

  • Communicate regularly and without jargon.
  • Focus only on economic events that impact our clients.
  • Ignore the noise.
  • Improve our clients’ financial well-being.


    Our goals are the same as yours—increase your wealth while managing risk and responding to impactful economic events and trends.
    Half of investors are worried they will outlive their investments. College expenses increase faster than the rate of inflation.
    Whether your business is launching a 401k plan from scratch, or looking to enhance your existing plan, you may not be maximizing the savings and incentives you offer to your staff.
    Non-profit endowments must reflect the specific goals and interests of the organization, so that they meet the requirements of their by-laws and ensure the fiduciary obligations of their Boards.
Ryan Financial Inc.

Our first priority is helping you take care of yourself and your family. We want to learn more about your personal situation, identify your dreams and goals, and understand your tolerance for risk. Long-term relationships that encourage open and honest communication have been the cornerstone of our foundation of success.

Who We Are
We create strategies that are tailored to your needs and goals.

What We Do
Years of experience have prepared us to guide you through your life transitions.

Why We Do It
Trust. Honesty. Integrity. We believe values matter, and we live by ours every day.


  • Ryan Financial Inc. provides customized strategies for each unique financial path.
  • We develop deep, trusted relationships with our clients.
  • LPL Financial, the largest independent securities company in the nation**, powers our independence.
  • In addition, we use a software system that assists us in analyzing market behavior. This system helps us develop plans that take advantage of trends and assists with the inherent challenges.
7800 E Union Avenue Suite 450 Denver
Sigman Financial Fitness

Sigman Financial Fitness® departs from a monthly or retainer–based billing system in favor of contracting for pre–paid blocks of time, or via “spot planning” on an hourly, as needed basis. Most general advisory clients require about three to five hours, with complex divorce or investment planning cases taking more time.

When you become a Sigman Financial Fitness® client, you open the door to an integrated team of people focused on only one thing: what’s best for YOU. Whatever your needs, we know the perfect professional to help you execute that piece of your financial plan. And, she will be there every step of the way as “project manager” to make sure you get the results you expected.


  • Financial Planning
    Budgeting, assist with starting investment accounts, insurance options, mortgage and refinancing options, and measuring allocation of income to 50/30/20 rule (essential expenses, financial stability, lifestyle choices)
  • Planning for Retirement
    Whatever one’s situation in life, retirement is a universal goal we look forward to and perhaps dream about.
  • Investment Planning
    What kinds of investments are suitable for you will depend on your individual circumstances such as age, the value of your assets, your planned retirement date, expected savings before retirement, the size and timing of withdrawals after retirement—all tempered by your tolerance for risk.
  • Cash Flow Planning
    Cash flow planning is probably the most overlooked and most unexciting part of financial planning.


124 South Monroe Street Denver, CO 80209
Staib Financial Planning, LLC

Staib Financial Planning, LLC imposes no income or net worth minimums, so regardless of where you are in your financial journey, we’re here to help you further your goals. Our financial advisors are all Fee-Only, independent professionals that you can trust to offer unbiased advice in your best interest. Get in touch with us today to schedule a time to discuss how we can help you achieve your personal financial goals.



All Staib Financial Planning, LLC advisors follow strict standards and guidelines to ensure that you receive only top-notch, objective financial advice that isn’t conflicted by a desire to sell products. You can trust that our advisors will always work in your best interest.

    Compensated ONLY by you, our client, directly, and transparently. We don’t accept commissions from anyone and we don’t sell you products. Our goal is to create long-term relationships built on trust and objectivity.
    Legally sworn and obligated to always place your interest first, ahead of our own, at all times—leading to the utmost trust and confidence.
    CFP® professionals are considered the standard of excellence in the financial planning industry, having completed extensive training and experience requirements and being held to rigorous ethical standards.
    Not affiliated with any brokerage firm, bank, or insurance company—enabling unconstrained recommendations based on the best options possible for achieving your goals.
Lone Tree, CO 80016

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