The Best Financial Advisors in Glendale

Here is our List of the 10 Glendale Financial Advisor
American Wealth Advisers

AMERICAN WEALTH ADVISERS is a financial advisor providing financial planning and financial services designed for you. Our financial plans are customized to help you prepare and achieve your specific financial goals.

Located in the West Valley of Phoenix, AZ, we offer fee-based financial advice, 24/7 online investment account access, real-time consolidated portfolio reports, customized strategic financial plans, legacy and estate planning, wealth management and durable income stream planning.

Clients benefit from comprehensive advice from a team of highly qualified professionals who have successfully managed money through some of the most difficult times in history. Our combined tenure is over 35 years in the investment industry.


  • Financial Advisor
    AMERICAN WEALTH ADVISERS is a financial advisor providing financial planning and financial services designed for you.
  • Retirement Planning
    Our retirement planning program is designed to work with you to develop a comprehensive Retirement Plan.
  • Wealth Management
    AMERICAN WEALTH ADVISERS can assist you in all life stages to help with your wealth management.
  • Small Business Services
    AMERICAN WEALTH ADVISERS is an independent non-proprietary financial advisor can help you analyze your needs.
  • Insurance Services
    AMERICAN WEALTH ADVISERS can help guide you through the maze of health insurance helping you select a policy that best fits your needs and your budget.
  • Social Security Services
    Our social security services are here to assist you in crafting a sound financial retirement claiming strategy based upon your unique life circumstances.
1616 N Litchfield Rd, Suite 260 Goodyear, AZ 85395
Asset Preservation Tax & Retirement Services

We pride ourselves on communication – you’re not going to pay your fees and hear nothing from your advisor. We want to help you develop a game plan for your finances so you can come in first with money.

We also pride ourselves on the fact that all of our advisors are fiduciaries and they are required to be unbiased, transparent, and act in your best interest. You spent all your working years accumulating this wealth. Now is not the time to have to start worrying about it.

The word TAX is in the name of our company for a reason. We believe incorporating tax planning into your financial plan is CRUCIAL in the probability of meeting your goals, especially when planning for retirement. Which is precisely why we created our taxes office.

Our team is passionate about teaching and believes that continued education is the key to empowering our clients. Ready to register but want to find out more about a specific seminar? If you have a question for our seminar team feel free to contact us before you register.

We want to make sure you are comfortable in your choice of seminar. Not sure which seminar to take? Just ask. Need to arrange for special dietary restrictions? That’s right…just ask.

11323 W Bell Rd. #301, Surprise, AZ 85378
Clarus Wealth Advisors

Clarus Wealth Advisors has three in-house money managers with over 50 years of combined experience. We offer solutions for both individual clients and financial advisors seeking professionally-managed portfolios.

Our portfolio suite is robust and diversified, with solutions appropriate for all account sizes and risk profiles. Find out how Clarus can help shape your financial future today by downloading our 2020 Portfolio Guide and booking a meeting with one of our financial advisors.

Are you looking for professional help in managing your IRA, brokerage account, or rolling over an old 401(k)? Are you a financial professional looking for a team of portfolio managers to handle investment management on your book of business?


  • Financial Services
    We offer a variety of financial and retirement services designed to meet your specific goals and needs.
  • Retirement Planning
    Find out what our firm offers to help you and your family plan and realize your retirement goals.
  • Resources
    Our resources section provides useful links, client logins, and financial calculators to help you with your financial needs.
9125 W. Thunderbird Rd, Peoria, Arizona 85381
Coherent Financial Advisers

At Coherent, we take pride in the care and expertise we deliver to your financial life. We provide comprehensive financial planning, investment management, and employer benefits planning guidance.

Coherent Financial Advisers was created from inception with this solemn purpose – to take care of people’s comprehensive financial needs without external impediments.

Coherent is an independent Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) founded by a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and a Chartered Financial Analyst charter holder.

As equity partners in Coherent we answer only to you. We adhere to the higher “fiduciary” standard, aligning our interests solely with those of our clients whom we feel privileged to serve. We respect your privacy and your time. Your contact information will never be shared outside of Coherent. We will not send you unsolicited communication without your permission.

Coherent endeavors to maintain an ethical and efficient environment where qualified advisers are empowered to do what’s best for the client, and to benefit the community in general. Enjoy insights provided by our staff. Study our individual biographies.


    Customized & actionable financial plans tailored to meet your unique financial goals.
    From full discretionary to non-discretionary investment portfolio management services.
    Guidance for your Employer Benefits including 401k/403b, stock options, RSUs, ESPP, NQDC.
Dynamic Wealth Management

Welcome to Dynamic Wealth Management, your source for sound investment counsel and financial strategies! We cater to the specific needs of those who are already retired or are nearing retirement.

To serve as faithful stewards and trusted advisors to our clients. We will provide sound advice, innovative strategies and effective investment management. We will show our concern through exceptional service.

We named this Company DYNAMIC Wealth Management for a reason; our very name speaks to how we are different than the rest. The definition of Dynamic is: characterized by constant adaptability, activity, or progress.

Our investment style is quick and nimble; if we see dangers ahead in the market we have strategies in place that can help us quickly sidestep those dangers. Many Financial Advisors have a management style that is similar to steering the Titanic; they just stay on course even when approaching a giant iceberg.

There are times to invest in buy and hold strategies and times to swing at the good pitches only and quickly exit profitable trades. Which time is it now? Let us help you figure that out.


  • Portfolio Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Planning & Preparation
  • Estate Planning
  • Long Term Care Strategies
14780 W. Mountain View Blvd Suite #211 Surprise, Arizona 85374
Estate Planning Solutions

Have you amassed a king’s ransom in wealth, or beginning your investing journey? Are you in the accumulation phase of your life or retired and trusting in your investment portfolio to help fund your Lifestyle for another twenty to forty years?

Do you have a “bucket list?” Do you have dreams, desires, goals you have yet to accomplish? Are you a giver with a passion for making this world a better place for those less fortunate?

We have watched clients and others make financial decisions in all areas of their planning, some that worked, and others that failed miserably.

One truth stands out. Decisions made in agreement within the context of a written, personal plan that focuses on long-term results and generating predictable income streams invariably turn out well.


  • Personal Wealth Building and Wealth Management
    It is never too early or too late to start building your wealth — saving for your future. We can help you create predictable streams of income using a variety of investment tools including the stock market, alternative investments, real estate, life insurance and annuities.
  • Business And Personal Tax Services
    Setting up a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or creating an Operating Agreement for an existing company? Would you like to know the value of your company?
  • Life Insurance And Long-Term Care
    Life insurance isn’t for those who have died — it’s for those who are left behind. Have you ever calculated how much life insurance and what kind might be right for you? Ask us for our proprietary Life Insurance Needs Calculator.
Glendale, AZ 85310
Fullerton Financial Planning

It’s hard to put a price on the peace of mind afforded by financial security. The certified fiduciaries and experienced investment advisors at Fullerton Financial Planning have decades of combined experience helping people find answers to difficult financial questions.

Our goal is to help you attain that peace of mind with well-thought-out strategies that combine an array of investment and insurance products with comprehensive planning.

The peace of mind we intend to deliver is impossible to maintain unless you trust the people managing your investments and facilitating your retirement plan. We want to demonstrate our expertise while educating you on your options, so you feel comfortable enough to give us a chance with your hard-earned assets.

Our team’s holistic approach focuses on more than just equities, annuities, real estate and other investment vehicles intended to generate supplemental retirement income.

We develop long-term strategies that encompass every component related to financial stability, including estate planning, insurance products, tax planning and charitable giving.


    Our financial planners listen to you, develop an understanding of your goals and help map out a path to get you there.
    We develop strategies that grow your assets, protect them for the long haul and eventually pass those assets down to your loved ones
    We work to optimize your savings to promote growth and develop an investment strategy that balances gains against your risk aversion.
14155 N. 83rd Ave., Suite 144 Peoria, AZ 85381
Hillspring Financial

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in our relationship with you, our client. We endeavor to know and understand your financial situation and provide you with only the highest quality information, services, programs and products to help you reach your goals.

We understand that every client has a unique situation and needs. Our role is to help them make well-informed decisions about their financial resources.

While each of our clients are unique, they all have one thing in common: they want unbiased financial and investment advice from experienced professionals. Our clients have worked hard for their money and they look to Hillspring Financial to help preserve, protect and enhance their financial security.

As you begin working with Hillspring Financial, we become your personal Chief Financial Officer. As your Wealth Managers, we have the knowledge, resources, and people to capably coordinate all of your financial affairs.

Hillspring Financial has developed strategic alliances with key professionals who can help handle your estate planning and your tax planning. We believe the synergy created by professionals working together as a team is much greater than you could receive by working with any one of us individually.

Unlike many financial advisors, we are an independent firm with no proprietary investment products to sell. Our approach is different—we are primarily a fee-for-service company. Because of this structure our interests are aligned with yours. When you prosper, we prosper.

12213 W. Bell Rd., Suite 209 Surprise, AZ 85378
Integrity Financial Group South West, LLC

Integrity Financial Group South West LLC offers safe alternatives for retirement savings. Our insurance options focus on increasing spendable income, maximizing inheritance to heirs, and avoiding unnecessary taxes.

Making informed decisions is a critical component of our expertise where we provide time, attention, experience, and unbiased advice to help our clients protect their assets and reach their financial goals. Give us a call so we can review your situation and help with your retirement goals.

For those who are looking for financial advice, we realize the available options are many and deciding who to work with is a challenging problem. Listed below are our Company Values which we hope will give you a better understanding of how we operate.


  • Retirement Planning
    No matter where you are in life, we can provide you the guidance, tools, and services to help prepare for retirement on your terms.
  • Annuities
    Are you in or near retirement? Learn how annuities can help generate a reliable stream of income or increase your current savings.
  • Insurance Reviews
    Life can change – the birth of a child, the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, a major purchase – which will readjust your customized strategy.
  • Income Strategies
    Learn about income strategies for guaranteed lifetime income that can help you maintain your lifestyle now and in retirement.
  • Life Insurance
    A reliable insurance strategy could help protect you and your family from the financial consequences of major life events.
9523 W Sandstone Dr Sun City, AZ 85351
Murphy Capital Advisors, LLC

We believe the financial planning profession should be separate from the financial sales industry. Since we do not sell any financial or insurance products or earn commissions, brokerage fees or trails from mutual funds, Murphy Capital avoids all the compensation conflicts that could impact the quality of the advice you receive and increase your out-of-pocket expenses.

97% of educated consumers choose an advisor held to a fiduciary standard. The success of Murphy Capital Advisors will be based on your success – the client. No emphasis is placed on the number of transactions each client makes.

Deciding to get help with your financial planning can be very difficult. Make the decision easier by choosing to work with a fiduciary. You and your family should accept nothing less.

Advice we provide will be objective. Advice will not be based on any sales contest or other gimmick. When we implement your plan, we’ll use a variety of investment vehicles including exchange-traded funds, no-load mutual funds, individual bonds and certificates of deposit. We prefer investments that are transparent, low cost and easy to understand.

The success of Murphy Capital Advisors will be based on your success – the client. No emphasis is placed on the number of transactions each client makes. Our fees are also surprisingly low as they are priced to reflect a long-term commitment to the client.

1616 N Litchfield Road, Suite 155 Goodyear, AZ 85395

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