The Best Financial Advisors in Honolulu

Here is our List of the 10 Honolulu Financial Advisor
3D Wealth Advisors

For over ten years, investors, retirees, and residents of Hawaii have come to us for investment strategies, financial plans, and greater tax efficiency in their wealth management plans.

Our advantage comes from our deep-seeded passion of helping the residents and travelers of Hawaii organize their wealth to achieve their dreams – whatever they may be. We are happy to serve as your fiduciary, your financial advisor, and your partner in navigating the waters of wealth management.

As an investor, your financial goals and objectives are different than your neighbor’s. We understand this. Our wealth management process is built to give you a wealth management strategy tailored to those unique goals and objectives.

With these goals in mind, we used our experience in investment advice, financial planning, tax law, and estate law to create a comprehensive wealth management process that gives clients an investment and financial strategy customized to their goals and objectives.

With an investment portfolio tailored to their specifications, a financial plan that sustains their lifestyle, and a fiduciary advisor keeping an eye on their progress, clients can rest easy knowing they are well-positioned for the future.


  • Wealth Management Process:
    One United Plan Focused on Your Goals
  • Investment Philosophy:
    Tempered by Years of Experience
  • Independent, Fee-Only Fiduciary:
    Always Working In Your Best Interest
  • Fees & Transparency:
    Clarity in Each Part of Your Plan
201 Merchant Street Suite 909 Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Alan Nishimoto, CFP

Welcome, I’m Alan Nishimoto, a financial professional in Honolulu, Hawaii. We understand that individuals face unique challenges as they prepare for retirement. We can help take the mystery out of preparing for today and tomorrow.

Whether your goal is saving for retirement, college savings, or estate strategy, our personalized service focuses on your needs, wants, and financial goals and objectives.

Our professionals have years of experience in financial services. We can help you address your needs of today and for many years to come. We look forward to working with you through all stages of your life.

For many, understanding every aspect of personal finance can be daunting. From investments to retirement to insurance, the decisions can be overwhelming. That’s where my firm comes in.

Whether you have significant assets to manage—or if you are just starting to accumulate wealth—we have the tools and background to provide the services that may fit your needs.

My personal goal is to provide you with guidance that can help you understand and better define your financial goals. I work hard to create a mutually beneficial and respected long-term relationship with my clients and their families.

Financial Planning

    • Retirement Plans
    • 401(k) Planning
    • 403(b) Planning
    • College Plans
    • Money Purchasing Plans
    • Profit Sharing Plans
    • Financial Plans
1585 Kapiolani Boulevard Suite 1520 Honolulu, HI 96814
ARK Wealth Advisory Group

The ARK Wealth Advisory Group exists to provide comprehensive wealth management services to successful individuals, families, and business owners that can help them retire comfortably and ease fears of financial uncertainty.

We endeavor to do this by helping our clients make better-informed decisions about money, organizing their entire financial life, and developing a well-defined plan that guides them through each stage of wealth accumulation.

Our comprehensive wealth management process starts with listening to you—getting to understand your immediate needs, tolerance for risk, investment time horizon, tax situation, family considerations, and specific financial goals.

Our clients receive unbiased guidance, as we’ve committed to always place their best interests first. We are passionate about wealth management and the roles we play in helping our clients pursue their financial goals.


  • Comprehensive Wealth Management
    Our mission is to provide comprehensive wealth management services to successful individuals, families, and business owners that can help them retire comfortably and ease fears of financial uncertainty.
  • Concierge-Level Retirement Plan Services
    Our mission is to provide concierge-level retirement plan services to BOTH employers and employees to help them develop a more comprehensive retirement plan.
1099 Alakea Street, Suite 1510 Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Cadinha & Company

At Cadinha, worth is much more than dollars in the bank. It is defined by the life those dollars allow you to live. A life worthy of the work you’ve put into it.

For over 40 years, Cadinha & Company has been helping high-net-worth individuals and institutions achieve their financial goals by first and foremost, preserving the assets they have built, and then by growing those assets.

Our perspective, instinct and experience, gained through managing wealth in every kind of market, may prove invaluable to you.


  • Investment Management
    At Cadinha, we are students of the macro as well as the micro. Our top-down/bottom-up insights, along with your personal financial situation and life goals, combine to create a forward-looking asset allocation strategy – one that’s prepared to guide you through the risks and opportunities that lie ahead.
  • Beyond Investment Management
    (Financial Planning Cadinha Style)
    At Cadinha, we have a different approach to financial planning. We take the time to know you and learn about your goals, as well as the people and things that matter most in your life.
  • Retirement Services
    At Cadinha, we’ve been managing clients’ wealth with a view to retirement for four decades. And our goals have always been to meet your goals. Simply put, our retirement services are designed to keep you living in the style to which you’ve become accustomed well after your working years are behind you.
Pioneer Plaza 900 Fort Street Mall Suite 1450 Honolulu, HI 96813
Chinen & Arinaga Financial Group

Achieving a secure future for yourself and your family will provide more peace of mind, but it won’t happen without careful planning and adherence to a strategy. We can help.
Educational employees face retirement planning challenges, whether classified, certified, or administrative. We can help you better understand and maximize your state benefits.

We can help assess your current employer retirement benefit, identify opportunities, and provide a personalized plan forward. Ready to get started? If you’re an employer that needs help minimizing your regulatory risks while optimizing retirement plan benefits for employees, we’re here to help.

Our mission is to make a positive difference in the overall financial lives of our clients. To achieve that, we develop personalized strategies tailored to their unique circumstances, needs and objectives.

Our team of financial professionals helps people at every stage of their lives. Whether you’re just starting your career or enjoying retirement, we can help create a strategy for your financial future so that you and your family can live the life you envision.

First, we want to hear your story, listening to understand how we can address our specific financial challenges and opportunities. Next, we’ll customize a complimentary Personal Retirement Plan that is designed to help you achieve your short and long-term goals a diverse mix of investment and program options.


  • Retirement Planning
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Financial Strategy
  • Wealth Management
  • College Planning
  • Insurance Planning
95-119 Kamehameha Highway Suite A Mililani, HI 96789
CMR Financial Advisors

We believe the most important way we can help you stay on track is to simplify the process for you. Wealth with Simplicity® is a process designed to help you realize the full breadth of your financial needs.

We will help you plan for your entire wealth journey, from accumulation to legacy creation.

Risk is inherent to investing. Life changes rapidly – and so can the markets. We build portfolios around the practice of analyzing, measuring, and responding to risk.

Risk Aware Investing is like a GPS for your financial life. Your GPS maps your morning commute for your final destination, adjusting for traffic, responding to changing and sometimes unexpected risks along the way.

Our process monitors the changes in markets and helps you to continuously adjust to keep moving toward your goals.

  • Client First
    You set the agenda for our relationship; we are here to be your guide, not your boss, as we help you pursue your goals
  • Trust
    Your goals are integral to who you are; we are committed to providing you a trusting partnership as we pursue your objectives together
  • Genuine Care
    Our focus is helping you reach your goals; we truly care about the people we serve
  • Diligence
    Details matter, especially in a fast-paced investment environment; we are committed to paying attention to the little details


700 Bishop Street, Suite 1902 Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Coda Financial Group

At Coda Financial Group, we see you, your life, and the way you should invest from a different perspective. Where you want to go in life- and managing the risks that can hamper your progress- is what really matters. Here are the five steps we’ll take to help get you there:

Discovery – first we’ll help clarify your life goals, and arrange them by time frame and priority.

Assess – next we’ll assess the needs and issues surrounding each of your goals and develop a clearer perspective for what needs to be done to help you have better clarity regarding your risks.

Evaluate – together, we’ll evaluate options and select from numerous goals-based scenarios that reveal how you can ultimately use your wealth to pursue your most significant objectives.

Implement – we will work within a disciplined environment to implement a program whose elements remain consistent with your life’s goals. We’ll help make your vision come to life.

Monitor and Adjust – by monitoring and adjusting your program, we’ll help you anticipate and deal with life’s inevitable changes.


  • Understand your Needs and Goals
  • Access Independent Investment Options
  • Online Wealth and Performance Reporting
  • Create a Sustainable Retirement Income Plan
  • Help you Avoid Emotion-Driven Mistakes
  • Work with Legal Advisors to Preserve Legacy
  • Assist with Beneficiary Review
  • Assist with Eventual Transition of Assets to Beneficiaries
  • Design Personalized Inheritance Plan
  • Provide Charitable Giving Strategies
615 Piikoi Street Suite 1205 Honolulu, HI 96814
Dean Miyamoto, CPA Inc.

Dean Miyamoto, CPA Inc. is a full-service accounting firm located in Honolulu, Hawaii. We can provide you with assistance in all your tax, financial, and business affairs — assistance that will improve your total financial well-being.

As our clients have come to know, we have the experience, the knowledge, and the ability to help our clients understand the big picture, yet are able to focus in on the most important issues when faced with making decisions.

We are not afraid to suggest what we believe is in our clients’ best interest and overall welfare even when it may not be the easiest or most popular answer. As their trusted advisor, our clients come to us year after year for sound and thoughtful guidance and solutions.

You’ll find that we can take much of the worry and stress out of your financial life. We are ready to assist you in —

  • keeping your taxes as low as the law allows
  • building your personal wealth through sound tax and financial planning
  • designing recordkeeping and accounting systems that help your business function efficiently and profitably
  • helping you solve your business problems
  • preserving your estate for your intended heirs
1600 Kapiolani Blvd., Suite 1670 Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
Diamond Head Financial Advisors

At the height of the financial crisis Steven Connell, former partner at the Capital Group Companies, cultivated the belief that the only profit an advisor should be worried about is their client’s.

A year later he founded Diamond Head Financial Advisors LLC, a Hawaii-based investment advisory.

He knew he could help others achieve their financial goals by offering:

  • In House Research: We do our own research and portfolio management rather than outsource to mutual funds. Our expertise is finding high value stocks that others cannot.
  • Mindful of Risk: We are opportunistic, but being aggressive is not an excuse for losing a client’s money. We find asymmetric opportunities where the benefits outweigh the risks.
  • Build Understanding: Our clients should never feel left in the dark.
  • Individual Attention: We understand every client has different financial goals. We are never too busy for our clients and will address any questions or concerns they have.
  • Low Fees: We charge lower fees than most financial advisors because we do not outsource management of your money. Our 1-2% fees on assets under management are all you will have to pay versus 3-5% at other places. .
119 Merchant Street, Suite 610A , Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Financial Planning Hawaii

Nest Egg Guru makes client facing software to help financial advisors engage with and educate clients and prospective clients. The company was co-founded by J.R. Robinson and is the sister company to Financial Planning Hawaii.

There are three basic models for paying for full-service investment and financial planning guidance – fee-only planning (flat fee/retainer/hourly), asset-based advisory fees, and traditional transaction-based brokerage commissions.

Each of these models has advantages and limitations relative to the others, and which model(s) fits best will likely depend upon individual client circumstances and interests.

At Financial Planning Hawaii, we believe it is important to clearly disclose how we are paid and to offer all three service models to our clients.

Behavioral finance research has shown that most Americans spend far more time planning their vacations than they do planning for a secure retirement. A big reason why most people pay so little attention to important financial planning matters is that the subject matter is dry and arcane.

For his part, Financial Planning Hawaii founder John Robinson has become adept at catching and knowing where to look for common mistakes and oversights. He views the task of pouring over mundane financial statements and documents as a treasure hunt and finds it rewarding to bring these miscues to his clients’ attention.

677 Ala Moana Boulevard Suite 605 Honolulu HI 96813

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