The Best Financial Advisors in Newark

Here is our List of the 10 Newark Financial Advisor
Bautis Financial

Bautis Financial’s in-depth, personal approach to financial advice and guidance empowers you to make smarter financial decisions and achieve your goals more confidently. It’s about anticipating needs, mitigating risks, and eliminating distractions to keep you moving along the right path.

We take the time to genuinely understand your goals, values, and concerns; develop strategies to amplify and preserve your wealth; and then put your plan into action. We use cutting edge technology that identifies your acceptable levels of risk and reward. Using this tool, we ensure that your portfolio defines your investment goals and expectations.

You’re a provider and that means more than just working to provide for the here and now. You need a plan to help grow and maximize your wealth, and if things don’t go as expected, you and your family are protected from the occasional storm.


  • Tax Planning
    The tax legislation passed late in 2017 changes the tax treatment of the various legal structures businesses use significantly.
  • Risk Management
    Most individuals need to plan for the financial risk of early death, disability, illness and infirmity, and liability or loss related to property ownership.
  • Retirement Planning
    It’s not uncommon for business owners to assume they will never retire. After all, they’re presumably doing what they love, so why not continue indefinitely?
  • Investment Planning
    Most small businesses are self-financed by their owners, which results in the business becoming the owner’s major or only investment.
7 North Mountain Ave Montclair, NJ 07042
Financial Life Focus, LLC

We practice Financial Life Planning, which means our team begins with getting exquisitely clear about what you value most. Because until we deeply understand how you want your life to go, we can’t—and won’t—make a single financial recommendation.

Of course the numbers matter, but they don’t exist in a vacuum. They’re there to serve you. To help create the life that thrills you and your family. We are a fee-only, fiduciary Registered Investment Advisor. That means we are legally required to put your interests before any others. Our ONLY compensation is from our clients.

Once we’ve agreed to move forward, we’ll go over your financial information to get a picture of where you are right now. Then we’ll draft a financial life plan—a blueprint for your money life—based on the goals that matter most to you.

You may have a demanding job or business. Or, you might be less focused on work and more on the rest of your life. You may even find yourself in a challenging money situation that feels embarrassing (we don’t believe in shame).

Unlike many advisors, we don’t just serve the wealthy. We work with those who are looking to grow their careers, their relationships and, ultimately, the quality of their life.

To be a great fit, you’ll want us to be candid with you—to be able to tell you when there is a gap between your words and your actions. (Like when continuing your current spending means you’ll have to delay your planned retirement by two years.)

70 South Orange Ave, Suite 245, Livingston, NJ 07039
Hudson Oak Wealth Advisory

At Hudson Oak we look to be nimble and flexible, always moving forward as a river yet with strong, grounded roots of an oak tree to appreciate our beginnings.

We believe our firm offers a smarter path forward in wealth management designed to provide you with the higher standard for your wealth that you deserve. To learn more, please select an item below or from the menu above.

We felt that by offering his unique skillset to a broader potential client base, that we could make a better difference in the advisory industry and the lives of others. Thus, Hudson Oak was founded as a truly comprehensive wealth management firm with the skills of a large firm but within an independent, transparent and conflict-free model.

At Hudson Oak we strive for our clients to become our partners and ensure their needs are heard. In our past experience prior to founding Hudson Oak, we were in meetings at large firms where the advisory team would dominate a meeting and there hardly seemed to be any room for the client to participate at the table.

This is not that model. We succeed when our clients do, and we believe the only way for that success is through trust and a deep, broad encompassing relationship with you as the focal point.


  • Wealth Advisory & Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Tax Services

Neil Grossman has served his clients as an independent, fee-based financial planner since 1994. Since that time, he has worked with dozens of individuals and families, helping them reach their financial goals

Mr. Grossman graduated from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1988 and has been a financial advisor since 1989, first (primarily) for governmental entities and, since 1994, for individuals. He has been a Certified Financial Planner since 1997.

A Comprehensive Financial Plan (the “Plan”) is a thorough review of all aspects of your financial life. In order to develop this Plan, in-depth discussions will be held regarding your financial goals, worries… in short, where you want to go.

These would include the more “obvious”, such as saving for college tuitions, retirement, etc. It will also, however, deal with more abstract ideas… what does “retirement” mean (volunteer work? a new career? a vacation home or relocation?), what do you want to leave for your children (both financial and non-financial considerations)?

Many people call themselves “financial advisors” or even “financial planners”. Unfortunately, there is no licensing requirement or standards which must be maintained. Therefore, it is critical that clients understand exactly the background, experience and expertise, and compensation structure of their financial professional.


  • Current Financial Position
  • Contingency Fund
  • Debt Management — Good vs. Bad debt; Mortgage options
  • Insurance — Review of existing coverage; Recommendations regarding appropriate types and levels of coverage
  • Investments — Review of current investments; Calculations of amounts needed for financial goals;
  • Recommendations for investment vehicles (ownership, etc.) and specific investments
  • Tax Considerations
  • Estate Planning Issues
Locker Financial Services, LLC

Structuring your personal finances in a way that maximizes benefits and reduces risk can be an intimidating, confusing and time-consuming process.

Since 1992, Locker Financial Services, LLC has been empowering their clients to take control of this critical area of their lives, armed with a plan that’s specific, straight-forward and sustainable. Come in for a complimentary meeting.

The only fee or compensation we receive comes directly from our clients. That allows us to act as FIDUCIARIES, meaning we will always put our clients’ best interests before our own. As NAPFA members, we take an oath to do just that, every time.

We ask every client a simple question – “What is it that you want to accomplish?” By listening carefully to the answer, we tailor our services to best help you achieve your unique financial goals and objectives.

True financial planning requires the adviser to take an holistic approach. We look at far more than just our clients’ portfolios.


    To truly understand your complete financial picture, you need to work with someone who can identify, analyze and review each component of your money profile, then integrate them all into a comprehensive snapshot for you to look at and examine in detail.
    Locker Financial Services offers its clients an opportunity to engage us to provide you with active portfolio management and on-going financial advisory services.
50 East Main Street Suite 5 Little Falls, New Jersey 07424
LodeStar Advisory Group, LLC

As an independent, “fee-only”, privately owned firm, we have the freedom to provide you with unbiased advice and access to the best research, investments and planning services, regardless of source.

We have no allegiance whatsoever to any third party including insurance companies, mutual fund companies or other entities. We choose to work in a fiduciary capacity. As fiduciaries, we put your interests first, always.

We design custom, stress-tested investment portfolios that can significantly lower your investment risk without sacrificing long-term returns.

We perform total wealth planning to holistically manage all of the interconnected areas of your financial life, allowing you to adapt more easily to life changes and feel more secure that your goals are on track.


  • Investment Management
    We take a holistic approach to investing utilizing risk-managed strategies to minimize the effects of volatility on investment returns. A portfolio that spends less time recovering, may spend more time compounding.
  • Wealth Management
    We’re completely dedicated to delivering total financial planning advice to you and your family by providing a holistic approach to managing all of the interconnected areas of your financial life.
51 JFK Parkway, First Floor West, Short Hills, New Jersey 07078
OFC Wealth Management

We are a wealth management firm with substantial expertise in the areas of goals-based and cash flow-based financial planning and investment management.

We seek to become your trusted advisor through all of your planning needs. We offer an integrated wealth strategy custom-designed for you, so you can spend time on what matters most to you.

So many of the situations that come up in your life have a financial and non-financial component, but you can’t address one without the other. Our combination of professional and life experience positions us to be your strategist and help you think through all of life’s major planning decisions.

That said, the majority of our clients choose to work with OFC Wealth on an asset-based fee scale depending upon the size of the portfolio under consideration.


  • Investment Management
    We understand that not all goals are created equal. The ultimate long-term goal for all clients is a secure retirement. Beyond that, there are many other shorter and intermediate term goals including college funding, buying a home, planning a wedding, philanthropy and as many other goals as there are individuals.
  • Goals-Based Financial Planning
    Achieving financial success is a lifelong journey. Where are you going? How will you get there? We’ll partner with you and your family to help identify and prioritize the goals that matter most to you.
35 Canoe Brook Rd., Short Hills, NJ 07078
Rio Douro Capital Management

Rio Douro Capital Management is an alternative asset management firm specializing in wealth management. The main focus is to assist clients with all financial needs and meeting financial goals.

Our investment strategies include macro driven, event driven, and value driven investments. We look to capitalize on opportunities presented with a minimal amount of risk. As a global investment firm, we monitor over 20 markets looking to uncover the most risk adjusted investment opportunities.


    A long/short market strategy deployed across global markets seeking to take advantage of all market conditions.
    Alternative asset management used to control risk across various asset classes for investors of all types.
897 Westminster ave, Hillside, NJ 07205
Wealth Health

Wealth Health officially became part of the Mariner Wealth Advisors family on March 31, 2020. Mariner Wealth Advisors shares our belief in the importance of implementing a holistic approach that includes assisting with all aspects of a client’s financial life. Its advisory teams serve as advocates by getting to know clients and identifying the best way to help them achieve their specific goals.

Being part of the Mariner Wealth Advisors family provides our team with access to additional resources and infrastructure that will support our strategic focus and desire to continue to develop the next generation of leaders.

As our practice continues to expand in Roseland, and with our desire to offer our clients holistic wealth advice, we knew we couldn’t continue alone. We needed to align ourselves with another established firm.

Joining Mariner Wealth Advisors allows us to focus solely on advising clients, while tapping the experience and depth of their larger team to offer additional services and opportunities to our clients.

As part of Mariner Wealth Advisors, we will continue to support your needs with the same people in the same office. Wealth Health has been our name since our inception. For many of you, it signifies trust, honesty and a client-first philosophy.


Roseland, NJ 07068

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