The Best Financial Advisors in Oklahoma City

Here is our List of the 10 Oklahoma City Financial Advisor
Venturi Private Wealth

Venturi Private Wealth understands that turning your money into wealth demands a different approach.

More money brings more challenges. So, we bring more to the table than typical wealth managers, focusing on more than just typical investments. Things that truly matter most, like philanthropy and estate planning. And strategies that build generational wealth. Lasting, sustainable wealth.

We built our six tenets of trust, candor, client-focus, consistency, excellence, and team work on a foundation of integrity and transparency.

Thought leadership and timely strategies from Venturi Private Wealth.



  • Public Equity and Fixed Income
  • Alternative Investments
  • Private Equity


  • Hedging Strategies
  • Selling Programs
  • Equity Collared Position Strategies


  • Securities-Based Lending
  • Custom Lending Solutions
  • Mortgage Alternatives


  • Personal Trust Services
  • Charitable Trusts and Foundations
  • Estate Planning


  • Philanthropic Strategies
  • Fund and Foundation Consulting
  • Endowment Management


  • Tax-Efficient Investments
  • Life Insurance Consulting
  • Tax Legislation Monitoring
11600 Broadway Extension, Suite 200 Oklahoma City, Ok 73114
Access Financial Resources

Access Financial Resources, Inc. is a financial planning and investment management firm that specializes in creative solutions to complex and uncertain situations. With over 30 years of being in business, we are well suited to impact your heart, your mind, and your money. We look forward to working with you soon!

    Cutting Edge Approach to Planning
    Expert Guidance During Every Step
    Putting You On the Path to Success

We understand the complexities of the ever-changing financial climate that you are facing. That is why financial planning is so important – because it helps take away the guesswork, and it helps you understand where you came from, where you are now, and where you are going financially.

As a result, we believe that solid financial planning should be at the core of all life’s decisions. That’s why we offer integral financial planning to help you manage all your resources so that you can plan your life with confidence.


3621 NW 63rd St A1, Oklahoma City, OK 73116
Align Wealth Management

At Align Wealth Management, our only business is the delivery of objective fiduciary advice resulting in simple & elegant financial planning solutions. Our clients consist of a discerning group of individuals, families, and small business owners. We believe in straight talk, good old-fashioned common sense, hard work, reliability, and complete transparency.

Our dedicated team is composed of a unique blend of highly credentialed professionals with decades of wealth management experience. What we hope we’ve gained from our long experience is the wisdom to offer solutions that allow you to feel relieved, confident, empowered, and just plain good about your wealth.


  • Investment Management
    This involves the astute management of your investments over time to help you achieve your goals. This requires that, before making any investment recommendations, we develop a deep understanding of your most important goals and challenges.
  • Retirement Management
    Over the years, our team of CFPs, CPAs, and attorneys has helped hundreds of retirees properly execute IRA rollovers, Roth conversions, and tax-wise retirement distribution strategies. Creating an optimal retirement strategy involves maximizing your return while minimizing risk, cost, and tax.
  • 401(k) Plan Management
    As a savvy business owner or benefits administrator, you recognize that your company’s retirement plan can provide a substantial benefit for your employees, while helping you attract and retain quality talent. Properly established, a well-managed retirement plan can be a win-win for everyone.
13921 Quail Pointe Dr Oklahoma City, OK 73134
Buchanan Capital Management

Buchanan Capital Management, LLC is an independent financial services firm located in Oklahoma City. We specialize in financial planning, investment management, and retirement plan solutions for individuals & families, businesses, professionals, and retirees.

As an independent financial services firm, we work directly for you. We are not beholden to a large brokerage firm for our investment list, or to a private bank for our fee structure. Our allegiance lies with our clients, and no one else. This allows us to have a truly objective view of the markets.


    This is the process by which we leverage our clients economic data against various financial concepts to design a formal plan that will create and preserve multigenerational wealth.
    At the core of our services, we protect and grow our client’s capital with a keen awareness of global economic variables; allowing for unmatched, risk-adjusted returns through all market cycles.
    At Buchanan Capital, we help families take a proactive approach to funding their loved one’s higher education expenses through the use of 529 plans, Roth IRAs, coverdell plans, and various other investment strategies.
    Effective estate planning occurs when one’s wealth transfers to their loved ones in the most economic manner, taking great consideration of tax implications and philanthropic intentions.
  • 401(K) SOLUTIONS
    We offer retirement plan consulting services that include: employee education programs, plan design, asset allocation revisions, fund performance comparisons, and various other fiduciary services.
    It is our contention that the most significant hindrance to long-term wealth accumulation is taxes, which is why this salient factor is at the forefront of all financial planning considerations.
8817 Henley Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73131
Capital Asset Management

At Capital Asset Management, Inc. we understand how hard you work to provide comfort and security for your family now and for yourself in the future. Our team of financial advisors wants to help you make informed decisions with your money because we believe that your hard work should pay off.

Who We Are
We are committed to providing a high level of service that stands apart from the rest.

How We Work
We work with you to create customized strategies that address your personal needs.

What We Offer
We offer comprehensive wealth management and retirement planning strategies.


  • The Financial Plan
    All of life’s stages have financial demands: Buying a home, paying college loans, paying for cars, having children, sending kids to college and meeting family emergencies. These demands, along with the joys of life are part of the journey.
  • Retirement Planning
    A retirement planner from Capital Asset Management in OKC can help create a step-by-step plan to help you pursue your retirement goals. We’ll get you started, first by laying a foundation of savings and looking for ways to let your money earn more via interest.
  • Investment Planning
    Capital Asset Management in Oklahoma City gives you a personal team of wealth managers and associates that help you oversee your finances from the planning stage, to the execution of your plan, to retirement.
  • 401(k) Advisors
    Capital Asset Management in Oklahoma City offers a personal team of knowledgeable 401(k) advisors who will help guide you through the process of overseeing your finances from the earliest planning stages, to transitions into new jobs, to retirement.
3636 N. Roff Avenue Oklahoma City, OK 73112
F.I.G Financial

F.I.G. Financial is an independent Registered Investment Advisor. We are a primarily fee-based financial advisory firm offering financial planning and wealth management services to clients all across the nation.

We pride ourselves on being independent, offering some of the most robust technologies in the industry while maintaining the unique, personal touch of a boutique firm. Remaining true to these core values enables us to remain flexible, putting the interest of our clients before our own.

Every relationship begins with a plan. We show you the road map for the years and decades ahead.

Each client is invested for their appropriate level of risk, to keep them on track with their financial plan.

We constantly monitor and update your progress, recommending changes and prompting action when necessary to keep you on track with your financial plan.


  • Financial Planning
    Every relationship with our clients starts with financial planning. We determine both your financial needs and long term goals, leveraging technology to provide you with a robust road map for your financial life.
  • Investment Management
    F.I.G. invests client portfolio assets on a discretionary basis, meaning we choose the investments that we believe best suit your needs.
  • F.I.G.’s MyWealth Platform
    Now you can dynamically track your entire financial life, all with one central log-in. Easily monitor your bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, real estate properties, investment accounts, 401(k)’s, insurance policies, and much more.
14620 Hertz Quail Springs Parkway Oklahoma City, OK 73134
G. DeWayne McAnally

G. DeWayne McAnally, CFP, and the ADVISORY group have been serving Oklahomans since 1978 with the aid of Grant R. Milner, AWMA (Accredited Wealth Management Adviser) and other professionals on The Advisory Board.

These Professionals advise clients in all areas of the Financial Arena. They specialize in charting your future financial course using management of Investments, 401K Rollovers, IRAs, IRA Rollovers, Retirement, Financial Planning, Estate Planning, Insurance, Educational Funding, or any other financial areas that are important to you.

Managed Investment Funds, 401K Rollovers, IRA Rollovers, IRAs, Mutual Funds, Annuities, Stocks, Bonds and other investments offered are not insured by the FINRA, SIPC nor are they obligations of or guaranteed by G. DeWayne McAnally, LLC. Such investments will fluctuate in value and are subject to investment risks including loss of principal.

With changing economic conditions and market swings, we advocate investing sensibly over the long run and maintaining an adequate level of insurance coverage. We work with you side by side so that you’re confident in and comfortable with the financial suggestions we make.


  • Investment management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Total Financial Planning
  • Asset Allocation
  • 401K Rollovers
  • Estate conservation
  • IRAs, IRA Rollover
  • Risk management
  • Cash management
  • Charitable giving
  • Business Planning
5909 NW Expressway, Suite 165 Oklahoma City, OK 73132
Hughes Warren

Hughes Warren, Inc. is an independent registered investment advisor and fee-only financial planning firm. Working with individuals, families and small businesses, we believe our clients deserve personal detailed attention.

The firm was founded in 2007 to provide an alternative to the current landscape of the investment advisory industry. Our advisors, Ted Hughes and Melinda Warren, are both Certified Financial Planners® and are focused on providing reliable, unbiased investment and retirement advice.

We do not work on commissions – our compensation comes only from advising our clients.

Our Principles
Fee-only means that we do not sell products. We do not receive commissions, trails, or referral fees from any sources. We work solely for our clients and are only compensated by our clients.

Our Team
We are bound to a fiduciary standard and must put our client’s interests above our own.


  • Financial Planning
    Hughes Warren seeks to implement investment strategies that will help each client meet their goals. Understanding that no two people and no two situations are alike, we work with you to provide a strategy unique to you.
  • Retirement Planning
    Financial planning and wealth management plays an important role in the services we provide. We believe financial planning is a process and that process should include the management of cash flow, risk management, tax planning, investment planning, estate planning and retirement planning.
  • Investment Planning
    Once we have a thorough understanding of each client’s unique situation, a portfolio is constructed. Current income and liquidity needs, tax status, current investments and risk tolerance are all taken into consideration.


16350 Muirfield Place Edmond, OK 73013
Shaw Financial Services


The professionals at Shaw Financial Services are Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Pro investment professionals, which means they follow Dave Ramsey’s philosophies. Our team is committed to educating and empowering you and helping you build wealth by investing for the long term.

Most people aren’t sure if they are investing well for retirement. We build personalized plans to invest your money & pursue your retirement goals.

You deserve to feel knowledgeable and confident in your financial future.

We’re focused on you. Let’s develop a plan and establish goals together, with your financial future in mind.

No matter what your retirement goals may be, we want to help you be successful.

Shaw Financial Services can help you find a Term Life Insurance policy that is affordable and right for your individual situation. Our team is here to educate you on what type of insurance you need to insure the financial security for the future of your family. Term Life Insurance policies provide many options for debt repayment, income replacement and estate planning for families after the death of a loved one.

Term Life Insurance helps:

  • Maintain income for the family.
  • Provide peace of mind knowing your family will be taken care of in the event of your death.
  • Provide financial security for your family.



2901 S. Bryant Ave. Edmond, OK
Radix Financial

Welcome! Radix Financial offers fiduciary portfolio management and consulting services to individuals, families, and non-profit organizations based in-and-across the United States.

Three belief pillars guide our business and decision making:

  • We believe maximum net return is accomplished through disciplined, long-term investment strategies.
  • We believe fees should be clearly stated and based on a percentage of assets under management to avoid conflicts of interest.
  • We believe charitable giving and community partnership is a crucial element of financial success.

Our compensation comes exclusively from our clients for the service we provide, and we receive no commissions or other incentives to sell or recommend mutual funds or insurance products.


  • Portfolio Management
    After a thorough analysis of each client’s individual goals, income needs, time horizons, risk tolerance, and taxable considerations; a customized asset allocation is built with diversified equity and fixed income securities.
  • Fiduciary Consulting
    Radix Financial offers ongoing and project-term fiduciary consulting services to trustees, family offices, and non-profit foundation boards.
  • Accelerator Account
    To better serve younger investors who are just starting out, Radix offers a hybrid online investment management platform.
Oklahoma City, OK 73156

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