The Best Financial Advisors in Philadelphia

Here is our List of the 10 Philadelphia Advisor
Addis & Hill

At Addis Hill, we take pride in offering thoughtful and comprehensive personal wealth management services. We are always available to help simplify your financial life and ensure you’re making the best decisions for yourself and your family.

Chip Addis began his career in the late-eighties, working as a producer for a major life insurance company. Back then, the industry prioritized selling financial products and earning commissions on those sales. But, by the mid-nineties, the industry models started changing dramatically. It was then that Chip realized there was a better way to do business, and he began crafting what the next phase of his career would look like.

As fee-only planning was getting off the ground, Chip saw the opportunity to provide a different model of service for clients where the conflict of interest was eliminated. Chip teamed up with Justin Hill in 2000, giving the new business the wide range of expertise it needed to be successful. With Justin overseeing operations and compliance, and Chip leading the sales and planning vision, Addis Hill was officially founded.

200 W. Lancaster Ave. Suite 203 Wayne, PA 10987
Apex Financial Advisors

Apex Financial Advisors is a premier investment management firm and multi-family office specializing in comprehensive financial advisory services including investments, commercial real estate, and tax advice.
Your financial success is our number one priority.

We are a group of professionals who possess decades of excellence and diverse experience in the financial services industry. Our team expends significant energy and attention toward managing your assets in accordance with the values and principles that you embrace. Earning your trust is a vital component in our relationship and is ultimately our most distinguishing attribute.

Our Mission

Apex Financial Advisors goes to great lengths to understand personal financial needs for current and future generations.

We provide more than just investment advice to our clients. With fluctuating markets and the uncertainty of future events, our firm implements customized strategies designed to build your wealth, reduce risk factors, and distribute your accumulated assets to loved ones utilizing tax-efficient methods.

85 South Main St Yardley PA 19067
Broadhurst Financial Advisors

At Broadhurst Financial Advisors, helping our clients meet their financial goals is a commitment we take seriously. We believe that we offer an unmatched combination of comprehensive service, high ethical principles and investment management that is based on the best science available.


True wealth management involves more than just a financial plan or an investment portfolio. It requires coordinating all the aspects of your financial life in order to achieve the life goals you want as efficiently and quickly as possible. That’s why we’ve developed a “Total Wealth Management” approach that encompasses:

    • Financial planning
    • Tax planning
    • Estate planning
    • Risk management
    • Charitable giving

Broadhurst financial plans are created by our advisors in partnership with highly regarded outside experts. Our plans reflect a depth of knowledge—in financial analysis, asset management, risk management, tax and estate law—that few can match.

At the heart of the process is a deep and ongoing relationship with those we serve. We work closely and attentively with our clients throughout our relationship—from developing customized plans to monitoring and fine-tuning them over the years.

1911 West Point Pike POB 301 West Point, PA
Creative Capital Wealth Management Group

We are changing the way financial advice is given. We specialize in retainer-based financial planning with no assets required to become clients. It is unique for the financial services industry and allows all asset platforms to be utilized to help a client reach their goals. A flat fee, quarterly retainer with NO assets required to be managed by us. Sometimes where you have your money is where it might belong, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need advice you can trust. Our clients like our CFP® lead planning and no-conflict with product sales advice.

What Makes Us Different

There are a lot of companies that offer wealth management and financial planning, so we take pride in what makes us stand out from the crowd.


A flat fee, quarterly retainer with NO assets required to be managed by us. Sometimes where you have your money is where it might belong, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need advice you can trust. Our clients like our CFP® lead planning and no-conflict with product sales advice.

We offer flexibility

Sometimes it is hard to find time to devote to planning; maybe you’ve decided to spend your winter somewhere warmer, but don’t want to put planning on hold while you’re gone. We understand and respect that. We have leveraged some of the latest technology to offer the option of having your meetings with us virtually. You can be anywhere in the world and as long as you have an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet, or computer we can work together on your plan. We can even coordinate multiple people in multiple locations to feel as if we’re in the room together.

We also offer appointment times outside of the regular 9:00-5:00 business hours. We work with your schedule to achieve success, whether it’s meeting virtually on your lunch hour or sitting down together in the evening after you get off work.

We have a process to guide us

We develop with you a customized two-year plan to cover all of the various aspects of your wealth management planning journey. We call this our Milestone Clarification ProcessTM. It is a layout of quarterly meetings and specific milestones that lead you to your long-term planning goals. You can easily monitor progress and manage expectations with the provided web portal.

1220 Valley Forge Road, Suite 3 Phoenixville

FiscalWise Financial Planning and Asset Management Services are investments, not costs—and thus Clients focus on their improved financial results. Our belief is that money properly used enhances life satisfaction. Beyond the actual dollar cost, there is a subjective value in the peace of mind that having your financial affairs in order will bring. The long range benefits will far outweigh the costs. We offer a unique value proposition and necessary resources to bring benefits.

FiscalWise strives to empower Clients to fulfill their highest dreams and aspirations. Our help to Clients lets them know what they really want from their lives–to articulate personal goals, and develop comprehensive planning strategies for achieving them. To understand that money is a storehouse of value and an exchange medium – provides tremendous insights on non-investment decisions. FiscalWise uses financial analysis and strategy formulation which considers information that can add value, as well as create and expand financial and investment opportunities.

At FiscalWise, we offer a supportive and nuturing environment for Clients. Our objective is to provide unbiased & result-oriented advice, as well as financial stability and ‘peace of mind’, while offering Clients the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their futures. Our comprehensive financial and investment advisory service generates integrated solutions to address all financial challenges.

We believe that with the proper planning, people from all walks of life can effectively protect and manage their finances. Not everyone needs a full-time financial planner or advisor; however, we all can benefit from unbiased financial advice.

Fiscal Wise, Inc. 516 South Avenue Media
Foundation Wealth Management

We are an independent wealth management firm located in the heart of downtown Media, PA. We work with individuals and families to help organize, grow and preserve their wealth. We are fee-only Registered Investment Advisors, legally held to a fiduciary standard for our clients, working for you and not for a brokerage or insurance company. By putting our clients’ interests first, we are focused on creating and building a financial plan that helps them achieve their financial goals.

We started this firm because we were not satisfied with the current landscape of the financial advisory business. We feel our industry is broken and in many instances unfairly takes advantage of people. The focus has always been on what is best for Wall Street. Instead we set out to shift the focus to YOU, where it belongs, by bringing real value to our clients and putting them in the best position possible to achieve financial success.

We represent and work exclusively for our clients. You hire us directly. We are Fee-Only Financial Planners so we work exclusively for you and not for a brokerage or insurance company. We don’t sell products and we’re not commissioned salespeople who “represent” insurance or brokerage companies. This helps remove potential conflicts of interest and allows our clients to receive objective advice and guidance.

9 W 3rd St Media, PA
Hoover Financial Advisors

Covered bridges are a treasured symbol in Chester County, Pennsylvania, safely supporting families and their valued possessions for generations as they’ve traveled to their destinations. When Pete Hoover launched Hoover Financial Advisors (HFA)—a Registered Investment Advisor—the image of a covered bridge was top of mind. The foundation of HFA is much like a covered bridge: security and safety for families planning their financial journeys.


Our focus

We are devoted to working closely with you—today and far into the future—to develop a plan that gives you confidence about your family’s financial goals and stability in working to achieve them.


Our number one priority is establishing a relationship with you that’s built on trust, transparency, and a deep understanding of the life you are creating for yourself and your loved ones.


We are independent and serve solely as your consultant, working on your behalf.


We don’t maintain custody of your assets. Instead, we house your assets with a respected third-party custodian, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. We maintain strict confidentiality and share no personal client information with unauthorized third parties.


We have decades of financial services experience in a variety of fields, including independent financial planners, investment managers, insurance specialists, and tax advisors who work with you to develop and implement a strategy that will best accomplish your goals and objectives. In 2016 and 2018, we were named to the prestigious Financial Times 300 Top Registered Investment Advisers. Our diverse financial services experience means we can help you address many aspects of your financial situation under one roof.


We provide online access to your financial information and can integrate all your accounts so you can view your entire portfolio any time. We also provide an online vault where you can store all your financial documents.


We’re devoted to helping you design a plan that will serve your financial needs over a lifetime. We take a dynamic approach, adjust when necessary, and help ensure your assets and investments are working for you—over the short term and the long term.


We provide easy-to-understand, comprehensive quarterly reports, bi-weekly blogs, regular educational events, and access to an online client portal.

30 Liberty Blvd, Suite 200, Malvern
Professional Planning, Inc.

Professional Planning Associates, Inc is dedicated to helping our clients pursue their financial goals through a wide range of creative strategies designed to preserve their assets, grow their business, and help plan a better tomorrow. Through regular monitoring, a flexible approach, and a high level of personalized service, we adapt to new and changing environments to continually position our clients for success.

At Professional Planning Associates, our team does more than just create your plan—we help implement it. Whether it’s a new health plan you’re introducing at work, an updated retirement plan, or a new personal investment strategy, we’ll meet with the appropriate people and take the necessary steps to put your plan into action. This includes establishing a time frame for goals to be met, meeting with attorneys and accountants, preparing any necessary documentation, and educating you and your employees about the changes we’ve made.

400 Market Street Philadelphia, PA 19106
Sage Financial Group

Sage is a family business, built on strong principles and a very clear commitment to developing collaborative relationships grounded in trust and transparency.

That is why we are independent.

  • Independence means our advice is objective and focused on what is in each client’s best interest, not the business goals of a parent company.
  • Independence means our fee structure is simple and transparent. We are not compensated by third-party financial institutions based on what products we recommend. We are fee-only and are paid directly by our clients for the services we provide them.
  • Independence means we can continue to be entrepreneurial. While we firmly believe that successful investing begins with patience and discipline, we are always looking for new investment opportunities and services that will improve how our clients can build, preserve, and share their wealth.
West Conshohocken, PA 19428
Swarthmore Financial Advisors, Ltd.

Swarthmore Financial Advisors, Ltd., are independent and objective advisors, and do not sell any financial products. This allows us to remain completely unbiased while upholding the best interests of each client.
We are active members of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), the largest organization of fee-only financial advisors in the United States. NAPFA’s primary goal is to eliminate the conflict of interest that exists if an advisor stands to personally gain when his recommendations are followed by a client.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our philosophy has evolved from our financial planning background. In designing and managing portfolios, we seek to tailor each client’s investment to meet their personal financial goals.

Who Are Our Clients

We believe that anyone can benefit from sound financial and investment advice. Our clients include:

• Retirees
• Widows/Widowers
• Professionals
• Business Owners
• Divorce Settlement Recipients
• Trustees
• Inheritance Beneficiaries
• Legal Settlement Recipients
• Executives

113 N. Olive St., Media, PA 19063

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