The Best Financial Advisors in Portland

Here is our List of the 10 Portland Financial Advisor
Clarity Capital Management, LLC

Clarity Capital Management was founded on the belief that no matter your income or net worth, everyone should be entitled to clear objective financial advice that is free from conflicts of interest that come from commissions and proprietary products. We primarily focus on individuals, families, and businesses of mid and late career professionals to help solve their financial challenges so that they may focus on other aspects in life, such as family, career, hobbies and other passions. Let us help put you on the right path.

Transparent and Fee-Only
Fee only means we are commission free. The only compensation we receive is through fees paid directly from clients. Period. This is how we believe it should be.

Fiercely Independent
As an independent firm, we work directly for our clients, as opposed to representing an overarching insurance or brokerage company.

Sworn Fiduciary
Fiduciary is just a fancy word that means we will act in your best interest at all times. Not every advisor in the industry can claim this distinction, certainly not 100% of the time.

CFP® professionals are obligated to act in their client’s best interests. Period. Not everyone in the financial services industry is held to this standard.


  • Comprehensive Ongoing Financial Planning
    Ongoing financial planning provides a comprehensive review of your financial world with continual guidance, encouragement, accountability and implementation
  • Investment Management
    Low-cost evidence based portfolio allocations tailored to your goals, tolerance for risk and time horizon.
  • One-Time Financial Plan
    For do-it-yourselfers who want a professional perspective. Comprehensive financial plans designed to answer all of your questions and create a clear path forward toward your goals.
Aegis Financial Advisory

Aegis Financial Advisory is a Portland Oregon and San Francisco Bay Area Fee-Only Fiduciary financial planner specializing in retirement planning for pre-retiree couples. We are experts in Social Security and retirement income planning and taxation. Speak to us about how we can help you fully enjoy your life in retirement free from the worry of ever running out of money.

Comprehensive Financial Planning
Manage the various areas of your financial life that are within your control while making sure all the pieces fit together.

Social Security Planning
Maximize your lifetime Social Security income by making good claiming decisions. Social Security planning is included in our Financial Planning services and also offered as a standalone service.

Investment Management
Implement a prudent investment strategy that reflects your goals, takes on no more risk than necessary and is cost effective and tax efficient.

On-going Engagement
Continuously monitor your progress and react to life changes to stay on track.


    We believe that true financial planning is a process, not a one-time event. Life is dynamic and the financial plan must be constantly monitored and adjusted to ensure that you remain on track whatever changes may arise within your life or in the world at large.
    Social Security is far more complicated than most people realize. The decisions you make now can have a tremendous impact on the total amount of benefits you stand to receive over your lifetime. Social Security planning is a key component of our comprehensive planning services.
    Once we understand your long term goals and have assessed your overall financial situation, we work with you to develop a prudent investment strategy.
5200 SW Meadows Rd., Suite 150 Lake Oswego, OR 97035
Cedar Financial Advisors

We often hear people tell us that fear, confusion, and lack of time are keeping them from reaching their personal and financial goals. We collaborate with you to integrate your life, your money, and your values so you can achieve financial independence and live your best life.

Fiduciary Financial Planning
As NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisors, we take a holistic, personalized approach to bring all the pieces of your financial life together in your best interest.

Clear, Fee-Only Pricing
Our fixed annual fee model is straightforward and easy to understand. No hidden fees.

Professional Advocates
For more than 30 years, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification has been the standard of excellence for financial planners.

Cedar Financial Advisors, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor Firm in the State of Oregon. Prior to any advisory work conducted outside Oregon, Cedar Financial Advisors, LLC would become registered in that jurisdiction or qualify for an exemption or exclusion to the registration.


  • Financial Planning
    It begins with our five-step point-in-time financial planning process (for a one-time fee). Here, we’ll build understanding and organize your interests. What’s important to you? Your life’s story matters to us. We’ll coach you through sharing it, and we’ll share our story with you.
  • Wealth Management
    Over time, our services evolve into ongoing wealth management (for a fixed annual fee). Personal connections matter, but so do logistics. Across your far-reaching wealth interests, what’s holding you back – personally and financially? How can we help?
3853 SW Hall Blvd Beaverton, OR 97005
Eugenio Financial

Eugenio Financial, founded in 1990 by Michael Eugenio, is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. Our mission from the outset is to provide individuals and their families with the objective, independent financial advice that they want and deserve.

Our clients are unique, with varying situations. It is our goal to spend time learning about each client’s needs and expectations, and then to create a financial roadmap specific to their goals. Our clients work hard to earn their money. They depend on Eugenio Financial to help preserve their capital, keep up with inflation, and provide real, after-tax growth. We believe in educating our clients so that they can make informed decisions about their money. Clients look to us to guide them toward financial peace of mind.

  • Eugenio Financial is a fee-only financial advisor, ensuring our interests will always be aligned with your objectives.
  • We provide Portfolio Management & Financial Planning, customized and personalized to fit your goals and flexible to adapt to changes in your life.
  • Our approach is consultative and comprehensive. It centers on an on-going personal relationship built on trust.
  • We serve pre-retirees 50+, retirees, and people who have self-managed their investments and now see a need for an advisor.
  • Based in Lake Oswego, Oregon, we are licensed in Oregon and Washington.
  • Prior to doing business in any other state, the firm will ensure all licensing requirements or exemptions from licensing are met.


  • Cash Flow
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Portfolio Management
4800 SW Meadows Road Suite 300 Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035
Evergreen Financial Advisors

We are a Registered Investment Advisor firm, which means our exclusive offering is the seasoned financial advice we provide according to the highest standards of fiduciary care; our exclusive focus is your best interests.

We have chosen this model deliberately, to distinguish us from big name brokers, bankers or insurance agents. Industry regulators consider any advice they offer as secondary to their primary business loyalties, and hold them to a lower standard of care.

We are a fee-only practice, which means our sole source of compensation comes from you, our advisory client; there are no opaque or conflicting incentives from third-party sources to taint our relationship with you.

Our services distinguish us, our financial care defines us. It’s not that difficult to find companies offering financial advice, investment management or tax planning. The challenge is to establish a relationship that actually advances you toward your higher needs — where the pieces large and small come together into a whole new way of managing your money, grounded in the bedrock themes that we believe lead to personal financial success.


  • Financial Care
    Financial care that never quits is no stand-alone service that you shelve in a handy binder upon completion. It’s a living process and lifelong relationship. That’s why our financial care is a continuum shaped by the following components
  • Investment Management
    Evergreen Financial Advisors: Where science, practice and people unite. As poet Ralph Waldo Emerson has observed, “Money often costs too much.” Misunderstood markets can wreak havoc on your plans. Burdensome fees and inefficient trading eats away at available returns. Emotional indecision sends you off-course.
Evergreen Financial Advisors, Inc. 10260 SW Greenburg Road, Suite 300 Portland, OR 97223
Financial Investment Team

Financial Investment Team (FIT) is a financial services business specializing in direct asset management. There are many things that set us apart from other firms but the biggest benefit we provide is a truly comprehensive approach to planning.

One of the ways we do this is by offering tax preparation services to our investment clients. We also assist our clients with their Medicare and healthcare needs.

Our highly trained, experienced, and passionate team works diligently to achieve the highest standards the changing demands of the economic environment call for. We feel this is the only way to provide the service you deserve.

Once we understand your goals, we provide realistic financial guidance to help you accomplish them and monitor your progress. Combine our comprehensive approach to financial planning with well-defined goals and you get a firm that fully considers the impact financial decisions can have on your life and will be there to help you navigate them every step of the way.


  • Wealth Management
  • Retirement Planning: Accumulation & Distribution
  • Life & Long Term Care Insurance
  • Education Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Planning & Preparation
15350 SW Sequoia Pkwy, Suite 150, Portland, OR 97224
Fulcrum Wealth Management Group – an Ameriprise Private Wealth Advisory Practice

At Ameriprise, our purpose is to help you feel confident, connected and in control of your financial life. The right financial advice can help prepare you for whatever life brings – both the expected and the unexpected.

Ameriprise financial advisors deliver personalized financial advice to help you achieve your goals, today and tomorrow. Your advisor takes the time to understand what’s truly important to you. Together, they will document your goals, track your progress and make ongoing recommendations to help you diversify your portfolio, and adjust to whatever life brings – both the expected and the unexpected.

Your first meeting is complimentary and will focus on your financial needs, goals and values. During the conversation, you’ll learn the value of personalized advice, the costs associated with working together and next steps. It’s an opportunity for you to get a sense of what it might be like to work together.

  • Personalized advice
    Your financial goals are unique to you. Learn how we can help you achieve them.
  • Financial confidence
    To see where you stand across key financial areas, take the 3-Minute Confident Retirement® check.


  • Financial advice
    Analysis of progress toward goals or ongoing advice with support and recommendations to help meet goals.
  • Investments and solutions
    A diversified portfolio of investments designed to help you pursue your financial goals.
  • Progress meetings
    We’ll review your goals, progress and investments regularly. Connect with us when you need to, in person, by phone or online.


15609 SE Mill Plain Blvd Ste 100 Vancouver, WA 98684
Gabriel J. Markiz

Markiz Wealth Management is a fee-only financial planning and investment management firm offering advice and individualized portfolios.

Gabriel specializes in providing tax and financial advice to both individuals and small businesses. In addition, he provides comprehensive financial planning and wealth management on a fee-only basis. His experience spans over 30 years.

  • We build long-term relationships.
  • Our personalized approach is what makes us different.
    This is what will help you achieve in your financial goals.
  • We offer financial planning and wealth management.
    Our comprehensive approach brings everything together.
  • Clear fee structure.
    We strive for clarity. No commissions or conflicts of interest.


  • Financial Planning
    Our comprehensive financial planning services involve a thorough review of your circumstances.
  • Wealth Management
    Our Wealth Management Program includes all of the services we offer in comprehensive financial planning, plus investment management and annual income tax planning and tax preparation.


4949 Meadows Rd. Suite 600 Lake Oswego, OR 97035
Interactive Wealth Advisors

Interactive Wealth Advisors is a Registered Investment Advisor and financial planning firm serving Portland, Oregon and its surrounding neighborhoods. We specialize in providing objective, fee-only advice, coaching and portfolio management to help our clients build, manage, grow, and protect their wealth through all of life’s transitions.

Our clients are busy professionals and executives who work in demanding industries like semiconductors, medicine and information technology. Their days are consumed with running their business, managing staff and serving clients. In their spare time, they enjoy traveling with friends and family, embracing the great outdoors, working on fun projects and celebrating life’s moments.

Our clients are all different and unique, but they have one thing in common—their lives have gotten too complex and they need a reliable partner to help them manage their wealth. That’s why they choose to work with us. They know our fee-only business model will not only save them time and money, but more importantly, give them greater peace of mind.


  • Investment Management
    Once we’ve helped you define your goals and objectives, our investment management will be the engine that drives your plan.
  • Retirement Planning
    Our well-designed process and experience will leave nothing to chance when it comes to your successful retirement.
  • Transition Planning
    Whether you receive large windfall or an uninvited misfortune, we’ll help you make smart decisions and minimize the financial stress.
121 SW Morrison St., Suite 905 Portland, OR 97204
Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions

We Are An Independently Owned Financial Services Firm With A Focus On Total Asset Diversification. Our mission is to help our clients better understand money, taxes and the critical need for retirement planning. We strive to develop strategies for income streams they can never outlive.

Northwest Financial & Tax Solutions, Inc. is a team of five financial advisors and 11 support staff members who are all committed to serving our clients. Why is being independent important? We want to be able to offer our clients the right options and plans.

Being independent means we don’t have to sell the products of any large corporation and we have the freedom to choose from a wider variety of investment and insurance products.

We Seek To Understand Who You Are, What You’re Currently Doing And Your Financial Goals.

We Reveal The Analysis Of Your Portfolio, Its Ability To Accomplish Your Goals And Discuss Areas For Improvement.

We Discuss Investment Options, Lay Out A Plan Of Action That We Believe Makes The Most Sense For You, And Explain The Pros And Cons.

We Finalize The Plan And Get Your Money Working To Accomplish Your Goals.


Investment Planning

  • Traditional & ROTH IRAs
  • 401(k), 403(b), PERS/TSP Rollover
  • Tax-efficient investing strategies
  • Principal protected savings strategies
  • College funding strategies

Income Strategies

  • Systematic income streams
  • Tax-efficient income models
  • Income longevity solutions

Estate Planning Strategies

  • Estate tax reduction strategies
  • Life insurance and long-term care policy design
  • Gifting strategies to benefit your children/grandchildren
  • Business Planning
  • Business income tax reduction strategies
Lincoln Tower 10260 SW Greenburg Rd Ste. 418 Portland, OR 97223

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