The Best Financial Advisors in Scottsdale

Here is our List of the 10 Scottsdale Financial Advisor
Lincoln Financial Advisors

Lincoln Financial Advisors is a preeminent fee-based financial planning firm with prodigious experience in asset management programs, business continuity and wealth transfer strategies. We provide clients with fee-based retirement, estate and business succession planning, as well as related estate tax, investment and insurance strategies.

Whether you have an advisor currently, or a team of professionals working with you, or no one working with you, we can help! We serve as the “quarterback” for all your financial needs. While your CPA, estate attorney, financial advisor, and others help you with their specific expertise, many times they are working in a vacuum, without considering how their decisions affect your overall financial plan.

We look at your entire financial landscape and bring everything together, by determining how one decision affects another area of your financial plan. As your “quarterback”, our responsibility is to help you design a complete, competent and cost-effective wealth plan, and to continue to guide you throughout your lifetime…and beyond!

Our mission focuses on simplifying financial decisions that impact our clients’ lifestyles today and for years to come. We provide objective, impartial financial advice in a manner clients can understand, embrace, and implement.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in our client relationships. We want to know and understand your financial situation and provide you with only the highest quality information and services to help you towards reaching your goals.

4900 N Scottsdale Rd, Ste 3700 Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Arizona Financial Plan

We provide comprehensive financial planning in the context of a long-term partnership with you. Through our experience we have learned it is important that everyone is clear on what to expect if we are to develop and maintain a successful working relationship – one where I can help you achieve your financial and lifestyle goals.

After 19 years working in income planning, wealth management and income and estate planning, for both pre and post retirees, Tom Fischer knows a thing or two about systemized processes that can lead to a successful retirement. His personal approach is unique and begins with acknowledging life’s “critical financial events.”

Tom first analyzes your needs in order to learn about your Life Goals and find out what stage of life you are currently in. By performing this custom analysis of your current situation, as well as taking the time to learn about your personal beliefs on finance, Tom is able to forensically look at your day-to-day expenses, existing asset allocations, tax efficiency, your future income needs and much more. This allows him to discover where critical improvements can be made.

3075 W. Ray Rd #501 Chandler, AZ 85226
ARQ Wealth Advisors

The Fee Only Financial Advisors You Deserve
Our expert team of fee only financial advisors in Scottsdale have years of experience in making your financial and retirement planning processes as simple and stress-free as possible. ARQ Wealth Advisors is a professional consulting firm representing clients in need of retirement and financial expertise and knowledge. Unlike the larger competitors in the industry, we put the focus on your unique financial situation and not our bottom line. This has led to a 98% retention rate for our clients.

The process of preparing for your retirement can be confusing, time-consuming, and extremely stressful. Our expert advice and strategic personalized planning can help you avoid critical errors that can derail the retirement you’ve worked hard for your entire career. At ARQ Wealth, you’ll receive the personalized attention that you deserve with our current max advisor to client ratio of 60 to 1.

You can rest easy knowing that your financial planning is in good hands, as our average advisors at ARQ have over 20 years experience in the industry. We are committed to providing the best service and customer experience to you. Our goal is to help ease our clients’ minds so that they can enjoy the retirement that they’ve earned. Let’s get started, you can reach out to us by phone or email to schedule your free consultation.

14500 N Northsight Blvd, Ste 200 Scottsdale, AZ 85260
AXIOM Financial Advisory Group LLC

Harris Investment Advisors LLC is an independent investment advisory firm in Scottsdale, Arizona, created to provide you with a full circle of financial services for every stage of your life – from the beginning of your career through retirement. We specialize in portfolio growth and wealth management, insurance, trusts, and tax minimization and estate planning.

Our focus is on full circle investing — whether it’s saving, managing a business, planning for and enjoying your retirement, or making plans to pass your wealth on to your heirs, let Harris Investment Advisors help you through it.

Harris Investment Advisors founder and Principal David Harris has more than 33 years of experience as a financial advisor and has built his practice by making sure that his clients’ values are understood before their assets are valued. His areas of expertise include portfolio management, life insurance and tax minimization through estate planning, as well as enlightening clients on the power of charitable giving. David founded Harris Investment Advisors LLC., in 2002, becoming an independent investment advisor and financial planner in Scottsdale. He is currently partnered with Ric Edelman as part of the Edelman Financial Network as well as other institutional platforms that allow him to bring low cost and highly diversified investment solutions to his clients.

Prior to starting his own firm, David was the Midwest Manager of the PricewaterhouseCoopers Investment Management Consulting practice. This practice oversaw the management of assets exceeding $2 billion. He also acted as Senior Financial Advisor to executives from companies such as Lucent, Motorola, AT&T and Accenture, as well as some of the Midwest’s wealthiest families. His experience also includes advising foundations, endowments and corporate retirement plans on ways to reduce administrative costs and the use of an investment planning process to maximize results.

6991 E. Camelback Rd. Suite D-300 Scottsdale, AZ 85251

We are an independent Scottsdale Financial services firm helping individuals create retirement strategies using a variety of investment and insurance products to custom suit their needs and objectives.


To provide clarity to our clients by assisting them to achieve their financial goals

To provide disciplined investment strategies that create consistent asset appreciation without excessive risk

To improve the financial position of our clients and secure their wealth and legacy

To work collaboratively with clients, colleagues and associated specialists in the pursuit of our clients’ goals

To research all issues that may affect our clients’ wealth and financial outlooks, and to assess the impact of these issues on the goals of our individual clients

Our Philosophy

At IQ Wealth, we believe you have more important things to do than worry about money. Money is valuable because it buys you time. The better and more reliable your cash flow, the more time you have to enjoy what’s important.

Our Services

1. 401k/IRA Rollover
2. Income Planning
3. Dividend Investing
4. Smarter Bucket Planning

IQ Wealth Management 7702 E Doubletree Ranch Road Suite 300 Scottsdale, AZ 85258
Jackson/Roskelley Wealth Advisors, Inc.

The team at Jackson/Roskelley Wealth Advisors, Inc. creates effective plans for high net worth individuals and families that are customized to their needs and lifestyles. Although we have grown over the years, quantity of clients has never been our objective. Instead, we develop effective long-term relationships with select clients the old-fashioned way: we sit, one on one, and work with them. Unlike large brokerages, we are not driven by incentives or sales quotas. We are beholden to no one except the one person with whom our loyalty lies – you.

For twenty-five years, it has been both our privilege and our pleasure to do business in this personal manner.

Our core service to you is personal financial planning and our “pleasantly persistent” oversight of your plan execution. We have developed trusted relationships with quality money managers and service firms for investments, insurance and other ancillary services. We often work hand in hand with our clients’ attorneys and other advisors. In short, we usually become the core counselors for our clients’ financial teams.

Our Ethics
The value of your money.
Money has no value. Except that which you give it.

The true value of money is the freedom it gives you to live the life you choose. At Jackson/Roskelley Wealth Advisors, Inc, we know this thoroughly, so our role is clear. We’re here to help you make the right money management choices – so you can have the life choices you want. That’s why we begin our dialog by asking very “nonfinancial”: questions about your life’s goals. Your hopes and dreams. Then we listen. It’s the beginning of a long relationship that lets us discover how we can best plan for you. When we know where you want to go, it’s easier to help you chart the journey.

9590 E Ironwood Square Drive, Suite 110 Scottsdale
Rowland Carmichael Advisors, Inc.

Rowland Carmichael’s long-term approach to wealth management, investing and financial planning reflects a quarter-century commitment to placing your interests ahead of ours.


  • Investing to achieve long-term goals
  • Broad diversification to manage risks
  • Disciplined rebalancing minimizes emotion-driven trading
  • Investors stay informed but delegate their investment details to our trusted advisor

From small goals to big dreams, our fee-based system allows us to offer unbiased advice without relying on third-party commissions or incentives. Our only aim is to help you rest easy each night and enjoy the best things life has to offer. We accomplish this through:

Objectivity that ensures we will always put your best interests before the bottom line

Expertise that comes from a team with diverse backgrounds, skill sets and capabilities

Integrity that makes us ask ourselves, “Would we do this with our own money?”

Knowledge that we are always happy to share, ensuring you make informed decisions

Insight that allows us to make investments that align with your unique way of life

Independence that means we have no one to answer to except you

Commitment that extends to the next generation instead of the next quarter

Rowland Carmichael Advisors, Inc. 6720 North Scottsdale Road, Suite 212
Stonegate Capital Advisors

Stonegate Capital Advisors is an independent, boutique wealth management firm that blends sophisticated institutional portfolio management strategies with a wide range of consulting and planning services. Stonegate provides a comprehensive suite of investment and wealth management solutions to meet the unique needs of high net-worth individuals, business owners and institutions. Our research-driven, time-tested strategies are managed by our Investment Committee, a team of dedicated Advisors with decades of wealth management experience, and seek attractive returns across global capital markets while actively managing risk, minimizing costs, and focusing on tax efficiency.

We integrate comprehensive financial planning, estate planning and business planning, to offer prudent solutions and actionable advice tailored to your unique circumstances. This holistic planning approach enables you to evaluate your goals and decisions across multiple areas and periods of importance in your life, building a lasting relationship and truly setting us apart as your Trusted Advisor. Our passionate and experienced team is committed to providing you unparalleled personalized advice, service, education, and communication that will exceed your expectations not only today, but well into the future.

6263 N Scottsdale Road, #295 Scottsdale AZ 85250
Strategic Wealth Advisors LLC

A family-owned business founded in 1999, Strategic Wealth Advisors (SWA) provides a personal, coordinated approach to wealth management. Our knowledgeable team will help weave your financial world together by creating a plan that will guide you toward stability and security for many years to come. Personalized service and attention to detail sets us apart from our competition and provides the confidence that your needs are put first. Clients put their trust in SWA because they know our relationship is built for the long-term, not on transactions.

With over 70 years of combined experience, our team has the knowledge and experience to effectively manage every aspect of your finances. We work on a fee-only basis and do not accept commissions for recommending any products. As fiduciaries, our goal is to be your long-term partner and provide advice based on your needs, not ours. We help coordinate various aspects of your finances and maintain ongoing relationships with attorneys, accountants and other professionals to ensure your investment decisions are made in conjunction with other financial decisions.

Long Term Relationships

Our goal is to be our clients’ partner, someone who helps them achieve their goals now and in the future.

Personalized Service

Every client’s objectives are different. We do not manage by “model” or one size fits all portfolios. We review existing assets for portfolio inclusion and ensure each recommendation is based on our clients’ specific needs.

Objective, Fee-Only Advice

Since we are not affiliated with any publicly held finance company, we provide advice based on our clients’ needs, not ours.
We do not accept any commissions, soft-dollars or 12b-1 marketing fees. We deduct client fees at the end of each quarter and attempt to fully disclose all expenses associated with investing to avoid hidden charges.


9375 E Shea Blvd, Suite 100 Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Trajan Wealth

As an independent registered investment advisory (RIA) firm, Trajan Wealth is devoted to providing individuals in or approaching retirement with targeted asset management to help protect, maintain, and grow their financial portfolios.

Wealth Management

Trajan Wealth and its associates believe in diversified portfolios that focus on capital preservation, growth, and low-cost investment options. We build and monitor individual portfolios customized to help clients achieve their financial goals.

Financial Planning & Annuities

No two retirement plans are the same. That’s why we offer guidance on an array of financial objectives, including ways to earn higher potential returns with guaranteed income while addressing tax concerns.

  • Why Trajan Wealth?
  • Client Focus First
  • Transparent Fee
  • Committed Service
  • Strategic Moves


  • Wills & Trusts
  • Life Insurance
  • Tax Planning
  • 401(K) Planning
7702 E. Doubletree Ranch Road, Suite #100, Scottsdale

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