The Best Financial Advisors in Virginia Beach

Here is our List of the 10 Virginia Beach Financial Advisor
Bay Capital Advisors, LLC

We provide our select group of clients with a level of innovative investment care, independent financial advice, and continuous fiduciary oversight, giving them a renewed sense of confidence for the future, for themselves and for their families.

We are an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm, which means we are not tied to a single product, nor do we have any conflicts of interest. We are committed to offering unbiased and objective recommendations and strategies aligned with your unique needs and specific goals.

We understand how overwhelming it can be to navigate the world of financial planning and investing. Without trusted guidance and easy-to-understand advice, it’s hard to feel confident in your financial future. Our goal is to help you create a roadmap designed to connect today’s reality with tomorrow’s objectives.

You deserve financial strategies that are as unique and personal as your goals and financial situation. We take the time to learn about your financial situation, retirement goals, and answer any questions or concerns you have.


  • Investment Management
    Rather than chase the markets, we are focused on creating predictability in your portfolio. Based on your individual needs and risk tolerance, we create an investment portfolio focused on pursuing your long-term goals.
  • Retirement Income Planning
    Income planning is a critical element of a solid retirement strategy. A major financial goal is to have a consistent and reliable stream of income that will last through retirement.
  • Estate Planning
    Many individuals, couples, and families don’t just want to make their assets last for their lifetimes; they want to leave a legacy for their heirs.
2309 Mariner’s Mark Way #401 Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Compton Wealth Advisory Group, LLC

Compton Wealth Advisory Group is a multigenerational wealth planning firm located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. We’ve proudly served the holistic financial needs of high-net worth individuals and their families since 2009.

As a boutique, independent firm — our purpose, values and focus are what set us apart. Our unbiased advice, purposeful guidance and tailored strategies are designed to support your best interests so you can achieve your goals.

At Compton Wealth Advisory Group – we’re here for you, your family and your future. As an RIA, we are held to the fiduciary standard of care. Because when you succeed, so do we.

At Compton Wealth Advisory Group, we have a team of talented and dedicated professionals who are passionate, caring and precise. Each member of our team is committed to their ongoing professional development, education and serving the best interests of our clients at all times.

With experience, insight and expertise – Compton Wealth Advisory Group will partner with you for long-term, multi-generational wealth success. Guiding you through the financial challenges of today and helping navigate the uncertainties of tomorrow – we will advocate for your best interest at all times and without exception.


  • Retirement Planning
  • Portfolio Management
  • Trusts
  • Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans
  • Life Insurance
  • Bookkeeping Services
281 Independence Blvd., Suite 300 Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Envision Wealth Management

Once we have a thorough understanding of your situation and what you want out of retirement, we will analyze your financial situation in detail and present possible solutions to you.

Through our financial planning process, you may learn that just a few minor changes could help you retire on time and enjoy life more fully or major adjustments may be necessary to get you on the right path to retirement. Either way, we are here to support you in every decision and step you take.

Our process typically uncovers assets that may not be needed to fund your core standard of living. When this happens, we help you separate these assets and manage them differently than income-producing assets.


  • Financial Planning
    Get comprehensive advice on your investments, taxes, estate planning, insurance, 401(k) and more.
  • Investment Management
    Our portfolios are designed to help you attain long-term growth, sustain income, and provide flexibility in tax planning. We are constantly evaluating investment options and reviewing portfolios for opportunities in the market.
  • Small Business Retirement Plans
    401(k) plans, while very technical, do not have to be overly complicated. Our job is to simplify management, reduce administrative burdens, and help all employees plan for their retirement.
1 Columbus CTR, STE #800 Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Financial Management Consultants of Virginia

FMC of Virginia is a personal financial advisory firm, located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, dedicated to providing comprehensive financial planning on a Fee-Only basis.

Our goal is to form long-term, fiduciary relationships with our clients in order to create, implement and manage holistic financial plans on an on-going, proactive basis.

The payment structure at FMC of Virginia is Fee-Only versus commission based. By not charging commissions, we eliminate the conflict of interest of profiting financially from our recommendations. In addition, our clients know that our loyalty is to them and not to a brokerage firm. We promise to save our clients more money than we cost them.

Bill has worked with individuals and business owners in developing plans to define and achieve their goals in the areas of Investment Planning and Management Services, Retirement Planning, College Funding Planning, Budget and Cash Flow Management Strategies, Insurance Planning, Tax Planning and Preparation, Estate Planning and Business Planning. He has also conducted seminars on Comprehensive Financial Planning.


  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Preparation
  • Estate Planning (wills and trusts)
  • Insurance Reviews
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Asset Allocation and Investment Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • Budgeting and Spending Plans
  • Goal Setting
  • College Planning
  • Real Estate Analysis
  • Business Planning
Virginia Beach, VA 23454
Groom Financial Advisory

As your life, the financial landscape, and market conditions change you need a financial planner who is there to help you manage these situations. At Groom Financial Advisory we strive to simplify the complexities of finances in order to enhance the quality of your life, time and resources.

Groom Financial Advisory specializes in providing fee-only financial planning and investment management services to individuals, families, and corporate executives. With offices in Virginia Beach and Richmond, we serve clients all across the Commonwealth including Northern Virginia, Charlottesville, Central Virginia and Hampton Roads.

As a fee-only practice, we do not accept commissions or sales incentives of any kind. Compensation is based solely on assets under management or project fees and there are no asset or income limits imposed. Groom Financial Advisory was created to provide investment management and financial planning services to everyone.

We offer two primary services: Financial Planning and Investment Management. Most clients use both services. However, some clients use only our financial planning services, and some use only our investment management services.

A “textbook client” would do an Initial Financial Plan, have Groom Financial Advisory manage their investment accounts, and then do a Financial Plan Update every three years or so.


  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Management
4445 Corporation Lane, Suite 200 Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Lincoln Financial Advisors

Lincoln Financial Advisors is a preeminent fee-based financial planning firm with prodigious experience in asset management, business continuity and wealth transfer strategies. We provide clients with fee-based retirement, estate and business succession planning, as well as related estate tax, investment and insurance strategies.

We are a member of Lincoln Financial Group, the marketing name for Lincoln National Corporation and its affiliates, a prominent financial services company dedicated to helping clients build, preserve and protect wealth. This affiliation helps provide depth, stability and significant resources to our clients.

Our name and reputation have been built on servicing each client as if he or she were our only client. The personal attention we provide is one of the primary reasons that many of our clients become partners for life.

We believe in Service – First, Last and AlwaysSM. We believe long-term relationships are more important than short-term gains, and will never sacrifice the former for the latter.


Sagemark Consulting Private Wealth Services is an elite group of planners within Sagemark Consulting, a division of Lincoln Financial Advisors, a premier fee-based financial planning firm. We believe that it’s not only our responsibility to help you make the most of your income and assets, but also to help you make the most of your life. It’s our plan for your future.

One Columbus Center, Suite 800 Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Spectrum Financial Inc.

Spectrum Financial works with people who are seeking active and independent investment management so that they have the assurance and knowledge they need to be prepared for the future. Many of our clients are executives and professionals, women in transition, entrepreneurs and small-business owners, retirees, and institutions.

Spectrum Financial Inc. is a SEC Registered Investment Advisor with a 30+ year track record of building client assets using active risk management techniques.

Spectrum is also recognized for its unique philanthropic stance and is dedicated to helping people throughout the world live better lives.

We manage investments for individuals, institutions and financial representatives. Specifically, Spectrum provides portfolio management services to IRAs, corporate pension, profit-sharing, 401Ks, charitable institutions, foundations, endowments, and trusts. We also serve advisors and individuals targeting specific personal financial goals, from retirement savings to education funding.


    SECURITYMAXXSM uses several different Spectrum strategies to actively manage client portfolios invested in mutual funds.
    ASSETMAXXSM offers clients proprietary mutual funds that incorporate our strategies.
272 Bendix Road, Ste. 600 Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Summit Group of Virginia LLP

Together, we’ll help you develop the ideal benefit structure so you can attract, reward, and retain the vital employees that create and sustain your organization’s success. As your financial partners, we’ll help you tackle those decisions so you can spend more time on the things that matter most.

We’re proud to serve alongside our clients as true financial partners and advocates.
We are the trusted financial partner for forward-thinking individuals and organizations across the U.S., with over $1.5 billion in assets under our advisement.

Our multifaceted backgrounds and experiences provide our clients with access to a unique team of professionals able to deliver a wide-array of financial services and products. We offer a full suite of financial services ready to tackle life’s complex financial challenges.

Here at Summit Group of Virginia, we pride ourselves on never taking a cookie-cutter approach or letting products drive our advice. Rather, we face each opportunity with a fresh perspective and tailor every service to the needs and objectives of each client.


  • Wealth Management
    Let’s take better care of your investments so they’ll take better care of you. Accumulating and managing wealth takes persistence, focus, and patience.
  • Financial Planning
    There are many pieces to the financial puzzle. It’s time to put it all together. We’ll be the first to say it…investments are only one piece of the puzzle.
5029 Corporate Woods Drive Suite 200 Virginia Beach, VA 23462
The Opus Group of Virginia

The Opus Group is an independent financial and insurance services firm working with businesses, families and individuals to help them work towards clarity with the objectives most important to them.

We understand that you have worked hard to get to where you are and that you want to protect and nurture what you have built. That means taking care of your bottom line. That means taking care of your people and your family. You can do it all. And the professionals at The Opus Group can help.

The Opus Group will help you grow with the array of services provided from employees and executive benefit solutions, financial and retirement planning, life insurance, investment strategies, and wealth transfer guidance.

The Opus Group offers all-encompassing services for our clients. Our reputation thrives on our high-level of customer satisfaction. When our clients are truly confident in their financial stability, we have done our job. Whether you are experienced in the world of financial matters or are just starting to build your portfolio, The Opus Group can help you every step of the way.

Even if you have an MBA in business, financial matters can be daunting. In addition to managing and helping grow your money, the experienced staff at The Opus Group aims to provide a continued education that will strengthen our working relationship.


  • Corporate Benefits
  • Medical Professionals
  • Business Professionals
  • Wealth Management


200 Bendix Road Suite 170 Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Waypoint Advisors

Founded in 2001, Waypoint Advisors is an independent registered investment advisory firm working with high net worth families and foundations across the country. We are holistic in our approach, coordinating with your other advisors to focus on your unique needs and objectives. We help to set a clear direction for you to reach your wealth related goals.

We work with a select number of clients, delivering customized services with a personal touch. As a result, we enjoy enduring personal relationships with the families and organizations who entrust us with their money. As a member of the Waypoint family, you will always know that we care.

We provide objective advice. We are compensated only by clients and do not receive commissions or incentives to sell or recommend products. Our open architecture assures that our interest is aligned with yours and allows us the freedom to customize a strategy that best meets your needs. We access the resources of the finest financial minds from around the world and structure portfolios with best-in-class money managers.


2101 Parks Avenue, Suite 800 Virginia Beach, VA

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