The Best Financial Advisors in Chicago

Here is our List of the 10 Chicago Financial Advisor
Chicago Partners Wealth Advisors

We view your wealth as your most important business.

Serving as your Chief Investment Officer, Chicago Partners helps you create strategies that optimize your wealth. As the owner and CEO of your wealth, you are at the forefront of every decision.

Our focus is on optimizing our clients’ wealth.

When Jim Hagedorn and Anthony Halpin founded Chicago Partners, they began with a vision of serving as the go-to financial resource for clients.

We help our distinguished clients plan for each step on their road to long-term financial success – from investment questions to planning for next-generation wealth transfers and everything in-between.

1 N Wacker Dr, Suite 4110 Chicago, IL 60606
Envision Wealth Planning

At Envision, we help you implement values based financial planning which ensures that your financial decisions are aligned with your most important life goals and values. We’re great at finding ways to save you money and help you build wealth faster, but we’re even better at listening.

Our values based financial planning process starts by learning about you. What are your deepest values based financial planning goals, hopes, challenges, and even your fears? We don’t believe that money should be separated from the life that it serves.

Values Based Financial Planning

You are more than just assets. You have goals, interests, passions, values, relationships, advisors and your own processes. Understanding you helps us to shape and customize our approach to help you reach your end game. Six areas of your life have an impact on your financial planning and investment strategies: Your Visions & Values, Lifestyle, Family, Work, Health and Financial Well-Being. Your needs, wishes and goals in these areas shape five key planning areas that are part of any investment or wealth plan. By helping you articulate your aspirations, we are better able to understand where you want to be and develop a blueprint to help you get there.

Chicago, IL 60653
CTS Financial Group

We are a Chicago-based financial advisory and planning boutique that walks the walk by talking the talk, individually, with every client who comes through our doors.

At CTS, you’ll get treated a lot differently because we think a lot differently. We call ourselves a financial advisory boutique, because we don’t believe a gigantic faceless firm is the right place for something as personal as your finances to be managed.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive tax and money management counseling with professionalism, integrity and an unparalleled level of personalized service.

Our promise is to treat you with the same degree of respect whether you have thousands of dollars or millions. To paraphrase the immortal Dr. Seuss, “Because after all, a nest egg’s a nest egg, no matter how small.”
We strive to do what we do best for our clients, to gain their trust, so they can concentrate on what they do best.

We offer prospective clients an hour of our time, free of any obligation, to shoot the breeze, discuss finances and figure out whether CTS Financial Group is a good fit for you and your particular situation.

737 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 2120, Chicago
DeRose Financial Planning Group

Based in the Greater Chicagoland area, my firm has provided holistic, practical financial advice, as well as experienced investment management, for over 23 years. We appreciate that there are few facets of life that bring more comfort than financial sense of security. Worrying about your financial future can be a huge burden on both you and your loved ones. Put the burden in our hands. We will invest our time in you, so you can spend your time doing what matters most.

Our Professionals combine 20+ years of experience with the technical know-how to offer the best client experience possible.

Individual Planning

Our team takes a holistic approach in helping individuals and families meet their personal goals and reach financial independence.

Business Planning

Our team is focused on serving the needs of business owners to help them grow, protect, and ultimately transfer their life’s work.

8755 West Higgins Road Suite 200 Chicago
Dream Capital Advisors

Dream Capital Advisors, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) located in Lincolnshire, Illinois. We are independent, fee-only investment firm. We provide portfolio and investment advice for clients such as individuals and small businesses.


    • Individual Portfolios
    • IRA Rollovers
    • 401(K)s
    • College Savings
    • Retirement Planning

We have been managing personal trusts and individual wealth for more than 25 years.

At Dream Capital Advisors, we understand your financial and investment needs. We spend time getting to know our clients.

Our fees are reasonable and transparent. Unlike many banks and brokerages, we are not compensated by outside mutual funds or separately managed accounts.

We can provide on going performance information that is clear and comparable to broad market indices.

We really enjoy meeting with our clients face-to-face. We take pride in becoming a fiduciary representative for our clients’ wealth.

250 Parkway Drive Suite 150 Lincolnshire
Ellis Wealth Advisors LLC

Ellis Wealth Advisors, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor firm, different from most because we recognize three major factors within the financial services industry.

You and your financial goals are unique. You may be new to investing or a seasoned professional, representing yourself, your family, an institution or an endowment. At various points in your financial journey, you may need a quick second opinion, comprehensive planning, ongoing investment management or some combination of these. Regardless, we want to make our services fit your needs, not the other way around.

Costs matter. Maximizing returns begins with minimizing costs. The fees charged by most money managers seem to exceed the value they provide. Our fees are minimal and transparent, and we generally recommend low-cost mutual funds and ETFs for the core of your investments (with individual securities or alternatives as required to meet specific needs).

You deserve objective advice. The compensation structures at most brokerage and financial planning firms include commissions, bonuses or similar outside incentives that can conflict with your best interests. As Vanguard founder John Bogle has commented on brokerage-based advice: “No man can serve two masters.” As a fee-only, fiduciary planner, we receive no commissions or compensation from outside parties. We are committed to serving only your highest interests.

1050 N State St, Suite 207 Chicago
JMB Financial Advisors, LLC

JMB Financial Advisors is a real estate investment advisor that utilizes its extensive experience in real estate and the capital markets to provide customized capital solutions on behalf of institutional and private investors for acquisition, recapitalization and development of all real estate asset classes.

Through constant interaction with a variety of institutional capital sources, JMB Financial Advisors understands their investment preferences and can efficiently and effectively match capital with a specific transaction and sponsor, thus saving our clients time by streamlining the capital raising process.

In addition, JMB Financial Advisors provides loan restructuring, asset management and advisory services to commercial real estate owners.

900 N. Michigan Avenue Suite 1400 Chicago
JMC Wealth Management, Inc.

JMC Wealth distinguishes itself from the competition by understanding that people distinctly differ in how they earn their money, spend their money, save their money, and invest their money. It’s a relationship to money that is colored by unconscious triggers and personal idiosyncrasies. JMC Wealth not only understands this– they manage these variables to your advantage.

Your attitude towards your income, savings, investments, spending habits, and accumulated assets goes far beyond “risk tolerance.” What Julie Marie Murphy discovered long ago in her own life–and built upon to create this personalized wealth management firm that bears her name–is that we all have pre-set notions about money that can sabotage us.

Growing up in an atmosphere of scarcity may unknowingly cause you to expect scarcity rather than abundance. If you keep internalizing that rich people are advantage-takers, and that money “is the root of all evil,” you will not be in the right frame of mind to build your own wealth. Additionally, many people harbor a lifelong fear of losing everything, make poor choices and miss out on great opportunities.

The JMC Wealth team’s commitment to you is to unearth your hidden concerns, positively improve your relationship to money, and assist you in building your portfolio so that it supports the life you want to lead.

1017 West Washington Blvd Suite 3E Chicago
Merino Wealth Management

At Merino Wealth, we believe that your portfolio is a tool to help you achieve great things for yourself and your family. We also understand that making these decisions can seem daunting and overwhelming. Transferring your investments to Merino Wealth will move the responsibility of the day to day management to us giving you one less thing to worry about. It’s our goal to help you cut through the noise to provide you with cost effective options that align with what’s important to you-achieving your goals.

Here are the fundamentals that sit at the core of our investment philosophy:

  • Alignment of your portfolio with your goals, values, and priorities

  • Responsible asset allocation strategies

  • Low cost investments

  • Transparent fees

  • ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Investing

  • Gender Lens Investing

  • A “no question is considered stupid” policy

211 West Wacker Drive, FL 3 Chicago
Money Managers Financial Group

At Money Managers Financial Group, we provide retirement planning and other financial planning services. We give pre-retirees and retirees straightforward advice that will help them meet their goals as well as make the decisions to meet the tough challenges they may face throughout retirement.

Since 1987, we have worked to help people just like you avoid making costly mistakes and plan for the future. We can potentially help you lower your tax bill, help reduce taxes on Social Security benefits, increase your estate and maximize protection for your financial future.

At Money Managers Financial Group, we offer or can refer you to professionals providing the following Financial Planning Services:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Wealth Accumulation
  • Asset Protection
  • Tax Planning
  • Long Term Care
  • Estate Planning
  • IRA Legacy Planning
  • Trusts
  • Life Insurance
  • Probate
  • Charitable Giving
  • Income Planning
  • IRA/401(K) Rollovers
1211 West 22nd Street Suite 800 Oak Brook

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