The Best Financial Advisors in Durham

Here is our List of the 10 Durham Financial Advisor
Adams Chetwood Wealth Management, LLC

Some transitions in life are expected, like retirement, and others can be unforeseen and devastating, like the loss of a spouse. Such drastic life events have significant effects on your income, net worth, and sense of stability, and it can be difficult to face the financial impacts of these changes while dealing with the emotional challenges.

At Adams Chetwood, we have decades of experience walking clients through times of transition and helping them establish a new financial path that brings back a sense of clarity and peace.

We specialize in helping people retire with confidence. We guide them as they transition from the accumulation phase of life to the distribution phase of life. We believe it is just as important to know what you are retiring toward as it is to know what you are retiring from.

The retirement transition can be a stressful time when a comprehensive financial plan is crucial to ensure the accuracy of income projections, estate planning, tax planning and life planning. Having one central team to coordinate all the logistical aspects of your retirement will free you up to focus on more important things.

We believe strongly in proactive wealth management and work to coordinate with your CPA’s, estate attorneys, and other professionals to ensure you enjoy financial peace of mind after a long and successful career.


3917 University Drive Suite 200 Durham, NC 27707
Arjuna Capital, LLC

Sustainable investing starts from the understanding that a just society, a healthy environment, and competitive financial returns are all “bottom line” issues.

The Arjuna Capital team brings five decades of sustainable investing experience to the partnerships we forge with our clients. Together, we invest in the kind of world we want to live in.

Arjuna Capital works with high net-worth individuals, families and foundations to create a suite of sustainable investments that makes sense to and for the client.

At the heart of these relationships is an ongoing, in-depth conversation about the ways clients want their money put to work. That conversation must be clear, candid, and—contrary to common practice—conducted in plain English.

We work with accredited investors to integrate their investments into the broader project of their lives. This requires an ongoing conversation about needs, hopes, concerns and values—about the kind of future they want to build for themselves and for society. We help clients harness their investments to that lifelong endeavor.

We have decades of experience working with institutions to integrate their investments with their mission. This often requires a formal process of clarifying the mission and defining ways to prudently express it in their investment policies.

Durham, NC 27701
Cardinal Retirement Planning, Inc.

Too many investment firms toss around the words optimize and maximize — life is not a mathematical equation and people should not be treated like numbers. Our plans explore the research-based recommendations but incorporate real life solutions that are unique to needs of the client.

By working as a fiduciary, our team of advisors place your needs first. There is no sales pitch. There are no smoke and mirrors. Your goals become our goals – it’s that simple.

Cardinal Retirement Planning, Inc. (“CRP”) was created as an extension of Cardinal Advisors. Originally chartered by Hans “John” Scheil and Doug “Buddy” Amis, CRP supported only clients of Cardinal Advisors by providing investment advisory, financial planning, and tax consulting to clients & their families.

Doug purchased CRP from Hans in January of 2018 and then brought on Dr. Michael Aguilar and Dr. Anessa Custovic to help meet the increasing demand for CRP’s financial planning and investment advisory services.


  • Financial Planning & Investment Management
    Stockbrokers, investment advisors, and financial planners serve clients in different ways. Only investment advisors and Certified Financial Planner™ professionals are required to act as fiduciaries.
  • Tax Planning
    Planning for the future is important. Whether you quote Benjamin Franklin or Uncle Sam, death and taxes are inevitable things we will all have to face.


2530 Meridian Parkway, Suite 100 Durham, NC 27713
Erickson Advisors

Financial challenges are unique to you and we think the solutions should be too.
As fiduciaries, our team is committed to our clients’ best interests and planning for their financial security.

Our holistic IMPACT plans and investment strategies seek to educate and empower our clients while harnessing growth and preservation opportunities in the investment landscape.

Whether clients are interested in planning for retirement, college funding solutions or adjusting to life transitions, we aim to position their money with the goal of realizing lifetime financial independence to benefit their family for generations.

At Erickson Advisors we talk a lot about The Why – What motivates our work to create a path for our clients to build their futures aligned with their values. Every day we seek new opportunities for us to nurture meaningful relationships that will allow our clients to enjoy today and look forward to tomorrow.


  • IMPACT Plans for accumulation, growth, goal-based, income and legacy purposes
  • Retirement Planning
  • College Funding Solutions
  • Life Insurance Planning and Funding
  • Long-Term Care Planning and Funding
  • Estate Settlement
  • Family Meetings
3001 Academy Rd., Suite 110 Durham, NC 27707
Fulbright Financial Consulting, PA

We work with smart people who are seeking financial independence. Whether you have a MD, Ph.D, Masters or a Ph.D in Common Sense we are interested in serving as your advisors.

Business Owners, Professionals and Retirees are our clients who have empowered us to assist them with their business, tax, investment, risk management, estate planning, and/or social security optimization strategies with their best interest at heart.

After a few years clients requested additional services including business strategy sessions, investment advice and coaching services so in addition to increasing offerings in 1995 Edward founded fee-only NC registered investment advisory firm Fulbright Financial Consulting, PA.


  • Investment Management
    We use a Functional Asset Allocation (FAA) approach to investing. We find that each asset category serves an important purpose in people’s lives.
  • Financial Planning
    Fulbright Financial Consulting, PA was founded by Edward D. Fulbright, CPA, CGMA, PFS. Ed is a member of The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) and The Alliance of Comprehensive Planners.
  • Tax Planning
    We recommend our small businesses with little or no inventory to use Quickbooks Pro® (pickup the most current version at most any office supply store or use the on-line version). Assistance with installation can be arranged. We also perform in-house compilation work on an as-needed basis.
5302 NC Highway 55, Suite 104 Durham, NC 27713
Gordon Asset Management, LLC

As a fiduciary, we place our clients’ interest first. This is why our firm holds the independent CEFEX Investment Advisor certification, and has annually renewed the certification every year since 2008.

Retirement planning is not just all about assets, investments, and net worth. Its about how you feel and what you want. Its about identifying your expectations, concerns and goals, and developing a plan to achieve your needs, wants, and wishes.


  • Financial Planning
    Whether you are just starting out, contemplating retirement, or looking to leave a legacy, we can help develop and execute a plan to help you achieve financial wellness. We use the latest technology to help clients define and prioritize goals and put financial decisions into perspective.
  • Asset Management
    We believe that our unique ‘core-satellite’ approach which blends low-cost beta options with cost-effective alpha seeking solutions can help achieve the best results for our clients. All portfolios are constructed with your individual goals in mind and are managed & monitored using cutting-edge software.
  • Company Sponsored Retirement Plans
    Our well-rounded team has decades of experience in retirement plan administration, investment management, and fiduciary governance. We can help alleviate the burden of managing your retirement plan and lead your participants to better financial outcomes.
4721 Emperor Blvd. Suite 250, Durham NC 27215
Integrated Life and Financial Planning

Located in Durham, NC, Integrated Life and Financial Planning is an independent financial services firm founded by Jerry Bergner, AAMS CMFC. Jerry’s aim is to help you achieve the life YOU envision.

Jerry Bergner offers financial services that can simplify and focus the path through many important life transitions. Whether it is planning for retirement, buying a new home or changing careers, Jerry wants to help you.

To Jerry, that is what financial planning services are all about. Helping clients have the big picture view assists them in having the information they need so they can make informed decisions that will enhance the quality of their lives.

During your initial consultation, Mr. Bergner will discuss your goals and objectives. This information helps Jerry determine if the financial services we provide will be of a higher value to you than your financial commitment to us.


    Goal planning involves identifying and prioritizing our goals. Most people have more goals than they may even be aware of.
    With ever increasing tuition costs, saving for education is becoming a much more difficult endeavor. For those saving for your children, grandchildren, or your own.
    Estate planning is less about one’s death, and more about the disposition of one’s wealth during life and after death.
    For many people, this is the most difficult area to get a handle on. It is relatively easy to identify your income.
5850 Fayetteville Rd, Suite 205, Durham, NC 27713
Kuhn Advisors, Inc.

For more than 20 years, Kuhn Advisors has partnered with a wide variety of individual and institutional clients and their families to help them accumulate, manage and grow their financial resources.

Our individualized approach to wealth management seeks to provide solutions across a spectrum of goals from financial security in retirement to supporting charitable organizations to leaving a legacy for future generations.

The challenges facing today’s retirees are unique. Low interest rates, sky-rocketing healthcare costs, longer life expectancies, and complex Social Security rules all make the conventional retirement wisdom of the past obsolete.

We seek clients who desire a long-term relationship with a trusted financial partner. To ensure a good fit between you and us, we focus our time in the initial meetings on exploring your unique circumstances and goals while also educating you on our investment approach.

As an independent registered investment advisor, we offer investment solutions tailored to your unique circumstances. Our sole source of compensation comes from our clients and we never accept payments from third party investment providers or referral partners.


  • Investment Management
  • Pre-retirement planning
  • Retirement income and distribution strategies
  • Education funding
  • Risk management
  • Charitable giving
3622 Lyckan Parkway Suite 1001 Durham, North Carolina 27707
Lazarus Financial Planning, LLC

Lazarus Financial Planning specializes in the financial planning and investment management needs of socially responsible investors who are in their 20s to late 50s.

Our work together is very collaborative — with a mix of discussion, education and strategy — and results in a cohesive financial strategy, based on what matters to you and continually adjusting to life’s changing circumstances.

We address gaps and opportunities in all financial areas — cash flow, debt, taxes, insurance, education, retirement, estate plans, philanthropy, and investments. We look at your whole picture, help you implement integrated solutions, and continually adapt to life’s ever changing needs.

Effective planning integrates your evolving situation so you’re always making new decisions having integrated relevant and timely information. My role is to walk alongside you, listening, bringing to your attention new opportunities, avoiding missteps, and offering advice based on what matters most to you.

Investing within the parameters of your total financial picture is responsible investing! And it is possible to invest responsibly for your financial future and have your dollars working double duty for what matters most to you.

Piedmont Investment Advisors, Inc.

We are a multi-strategy investment firm whose primary goal is to be a trusted client solutions partner. Our name is derived from the word “exponent” and dually connotes our core objectives—to be a zealous champion for our clients; and to provide higher level engagement and a broader array of solutions to meet their investment needs.

Xponance® is the successor firm representing the integration of two great legacy firms, FIS Group, Inc. and Piedmont Investment Advisors, Inc. FIS Group offers global and non-U.S. equity investment strategies by harnessing the investment edge and focus of proven entrepreneurial or emerging managers in a tested strategic framework.

Our specialized due diligence techniques and product seeding strategies of capacity constrained strategies remain designed to generate sustainable alpha for our clients. Founded in 2000, Piedmont specializes in creating systematic, risk controlled active and passive equity strategies.

  • Earn the privilege to serve our clients: We listen and go the extra mile to earn their trust.
  • Working Together: We challenge each other to sharpen our insights, embrace diversity, and expect integrity and mutual respect.
  • Ownership: We are stakeholders that are fully accountable to our clients and each other.
  • Facts matter: We leverage data and technology to derive optimal solutions for our clients.
2605 Meridian Parkway Suite 105 Durham, NC 27713

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