The Best Financial Advisors in Little Rock

Here is our List of the 10 Little Rock Financial Advisor
Lathrop Investment Management Corp.

Professional Investment Management Counsel since 1981

For over 36 years, Lathrop Investment Management Corporation (“LIMC”) has focused on the simple and transparent business approach of providing clients a solid foundation for long-term investment success. Our client relationships are grounded in personal service with flexible and open communications, while our investment discipline stresses experience, diligence, objective judgment, and full-time supervision. As a fiduciary, LIMC exercises discretionary management on over $600 million in investment securities for a limited number of individuals, families, and institutions.

Client Focused
Investment capital is hard-earned and deserves diligence in its stewardship. In addition to sound portfolio structure and investment management, LIMC’s business model relies on being accessible to our clients and having an appreciation for unique circumstances that require attention today and flexibility going forward. Acting as a fiduciary for each client, we are experienced in working with your tax, legal, and business advisers and welcome collaboration when appropriate. We understand that beyond just delivering long-term investment performance, the success of our investment partnership depends on developing your comfort and trust.

Portfolio Management
LIMC considers each client’s cash flow needs, their desire to protect and grow wealth, and their financial and emotional ability to tolerate investment risks when constructing investment portfolios. We manage substantially all portfolios with stocks, bonds, and cash allocated in keeping with client investment objectives. In addition to enhancing portfolio transparency, we believe that diversified holdings of individual securities offer more options for tax efficiency and minimizing investment costs. For client protection, LIMC never takes possession of client assets but rather maintains discretion only to buy and sell investments on your behalf with fiduciary responsibility. Client assets are held by a third-party custodian, such as Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

Investment Strategy
LIMC seeks to deliver superior long-term portfolio returns by applying a disciplined approach that prioritizes sound and attractive financial, valuation, and business fundamentals. We dedicate significant resources to internal research and the development of investment ideas. Each portfolio manager is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder or candidate, a designation respected in the investment industry for its high standard of professional practice and ethics. Investment actions are agreed upon and implemented with a team approach including all LIMC portfolio managers. Broad investment actions are then carried out in a timely manner for all clients with unique client issues continually addressed as needed.

10 Corporate Hill Drive, Suite 225 Little Rock, Arkansas 72205
Meridian Investment Advisors

Meridian Investment Advisors is an independently owned and operated investment advisory firm registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission. From our office in Little Rock, Arkansas, we manage over $500 million for high net worth families, retirement plans, endowments, foundations, and public funds.

The company was created in 1977 as an investment subsidiary of First Variable Life Insurance Company, a company originated by Meridian’s founder, Lee Bodenhamer. We became a separate and independent company in October 1983. The firm was successfully transitioned to second generation owners beginning in 1992.

The Meridian portfolio management team is one of the most distinguished in Arkansas. Our portfolio managers are recognized for extensive investment management experience, high professional credentials, and advanced educational pursuits.

Our mission is to help you reach your highest financial potential….So you can enjoy the rich experiences of family, friendships, business, and career.

We want our clients to have a rewarding investment experience. We know rewarding experiences are built on trust that grows from meaningful communication, significant investment expertise, and a focus on high ethical conduct. This trust allows us to build strong relationships with our clients and their families, friends, and employees. We believe these strong relationships will lead to the celebration of many successful outcomes.

11300 Cantrell Rd. Suite 200 Little Rock, AR 72212
The Arkansas Financial Group, Inc.

We provide discipline, transparency and planning to help you achieve your long-term goals.

Are we what you are looking for?
There are all sorts of individuals and firms offering to help you with your financial life. Sorting out what they actually do can be extremely challenging. That’s not an accident. Some people intentionally mask their real agenda because if you knew it, you’d never hire them.

We are going to do the opposite; we’re giving you a clear picture of how we serve clients. We believe that this is the only way to build long-term client relationships. We hope you like what you read, knowing that if you do, you’re likely to hire us – and more importantly, remain happy with our relationship.

What do you need to know about us?
Some people incorrectly assume that we just handle investments. The finest investment process is of no value if the amount you have invested is inadequate to achieve your goals. We help you determine if the amount you are investing will actually match up with your desired spending level in retirement. Ultimately, our role comes down to helping our clients know the truth of their financial situation and then help them frame their decisions in a way that gives them their best shot at achieving their ultimate goals. We’re here to do what our tagline says:

Helping busy people make smart financial decisions.
We really plan.* As a result, our clients have a good idea where they stand and where they’re headed. We’ve prepared and updated hundreds of plans over the past thirty years. We use some of the most sophisticated planning software available. Our fee structure keeps us accountable to do the planning. Some firms “say” they plan, but are paid the same whether they actually do or don’t. Other firms don’t even make an attempt to plan, they just manage money.

1001 N. University Avenue, Ste. 200 Little Rock, Arkansas 72207
Smith Capital Management, Inc.

MAI and Smith Capital Management (“SCM”) share the philosophy of helping clients reach their financial goals through customized solutions and personalized client service. We are pleased to announce our partnership, driving forward with a shared commitment to clients and dedication to serving their needs.

MAI provides comprehensive wealth management and investment advisory services to high-net-worth families. MAI is an ideal partner for SCM, providing the resources and scale to enhance the client experience and expand the available offerings for clients.

At MAI you will continue to have:

  • Advisor access. You will continue to work directly with Stephen and Jay as you transition to MAI. They will continue to be your main points of contact and manage your financial plan, and will be supported by the broader MAI team.
  • Attentive client service. We work to develop meaningful partnerships with those who entrust their future to us. Our focus is to help prioritize your financial goals and guide you on the path toward meeting them.
  • A trusted fiduciary. We will always maintain a fiduciary approach, putting your interests first.
1100 River Bluff Drive Suite 410 Little Rock, AR 72202
Bass and Bell, Inc.

Bass and Bell, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), registered directly with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). As an RIA, we have a legal obligation to act as a fiduciary in all aspects of our relationships with clients. As fiduciaries, we are legally bound to place client interests first. RIAs are required to maintain a written code of ethics that governs their actions and fully discloses how they are compensated.

A traditional investment broker is only required to make ‘suitable’ recommendations to their clients. This lower suitability standard could be met by investment products that are proprietary to the broker’s firm or by products that have high or undisclosed commissions despite lower-cost alternatives being available.

Demand for transparent, unbiased investment advice and consulting will continue to grow. The RIA standard has become the clear choice for asset management for high net worth individuals, foundations, and businesses.

Our Approach

We believe that two relationships are vital to the investment process: the relationship between risk and return and the relationship between client and advisor. We make both the heart of our practice and the foundation on which we build your unique portfolio.

At Bass and Bell Inc., we design investment portfolios from the ground up based on your unique tolerance for risk and expectation of return. Working collaboratively, we will help you understand your overall asset allocation, your investment options and our recommendations, and then build a strategy that can support you as you grow into the future.

Our investment management process centers on first helping you understand risk, and then carefully building and balancing each tier of your total investment pyramid.

1 Information Way Suite 200 Little Rock, AR 72202
Ifrah Financial Services

As a fee-only wealth management firm, Ifrah Financial Services works with individuals, families, trusts, businesses and institutions to build customized plans and portfolios. We provide objective advice, personal attention, and comprehensive resources to help our clients reach their unique goals. From financial planning to portfolio management, we understand the nuances of managing wealth and have been guiding generations of clients in making informed financial decisions.

Financial planning* typically encompasses a number of critical areas, including retirement planning, estate planning, insurance, tax planning, investment management, cash management and budgeting. Depending on client needs, it may also include education funding, charitable and planned giving, trust management and planning for long-term care.

Planning for the future can seem overwhelming at times because there are so many options to consider. However, if we start by answering some basic questions, the answers to those questions will then create a foundation on which to base sound financial planning decisions going forward.

1 Information Way Suite 200 Little Rock, AR 72202
Legacy Capital Wealth Partners

Financial lives can be complex and the greater your wealth, often times the greater the complexities. If you work with experienced professionals who can serve as your quarterback, coordinating and managing these complexities, it frees you to focus on enjoying the freedom and privileges of wealth and doing the things that are most important in your life.

Legacy Capital is a locally-owned boutique firm with a team-oriented and holistic approach to serving clients’ wealth management needs. We are not a large public corporation run by executives in other cities, nor are we a small three-person organization with insufficient resources to adequately serve our clients.

Holistic wealth management is a concept that many firms and advisors use today, but few actually deliver. They may simply provide asset management, financial/retirement planning, insurance or banking. To provide true holistic wealth management, we believe it is necessary to have in-house resources and expertise in all of these areas. We strive to gain an in-depth understanding of all facets of our clients’ financial, tax and planning life – including estate plans, corporate and entity structure (if relevant), income tax considerations and investment and insurance portfolios.

Our in-house team includes a variety of professionals with different areas of expertise – attorneys, CFPs, an LLM in tax and an FALU as well as investment professionals and insurance experts. Instead of one person trying to meet every need, we function as a team which ensures that each member serves in their area of highest competence. Having a team mentality, we also value our clients’ other trusted professionals, including accountants, lawyers, trust officers and other family members. Everyone typically sees things from a different perspective and working together as a team delivers a better results for our clients.

8315 Cantrell Rd Suite 200 Little Rock, AR 72227
ClientFirst Wealth Management, LLC

ClientFirst Wealth Management, LLC. is a Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisor and Fiduciary. As financial advisors in Little Rock, AR, we specialize in financial planning and investment management for individuals–managing over $150,000,000 for Arkansans. ClientFirst specializes in comprehensive wealth management. The typical account is over $1,000,000 and many clients are either retired or nearing retirement. Client retention is very high and references are available upon request. Minimum account size is $100,000, but exceptions are made ClientFirst does not sell products or receive commissions.

Your Future

Our first priority is helping you take care of yourself and your family. We want to learn more about your personal situation, identify your dreams and goals, and understand your tolerance for risk. Long-term relationships that encourage open and honest communication have been the cornerstone of my foundation of success.

Our Services

  • Investor Protection
  • Tax Free Income
  • Personal Wealth Management


1501 North University Avenue Suite 715 Little Rock, AR 72207

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